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Why I Hate Bill Clinton
by I-hate-Democrats Robert Sheer


Does Bill Clinton still not grasp that the current economic crisis is in large measure his legacy?
Obviously that’s the case, or he wouldn’t have had the temerity to write a 14-point memo for
Newsweek on how to fix the economy that never once refers to the home mortgage collapse
and other manifestations of Wall Street greed that he enabled as president. 

Endorsing the Republican agenda of financial industry deregulation, reversing New Deal safeguards,
President Clinton pursued policies that in the long run created more damage to the American economy
than any other president since Herbert Hoover, whose tenure is linked to the Great Depression.
Now, in his Newsweek piece, Clinton has the effrontery to once again revive his 1992 campaign mantra,
“It’s the economy, stupid,” as the article’s title without any sense of irony, let alone accountability.
But that has always been the man’s special gift—to rise above, and indeed benefit from, the messes he created.

Too bad this clown didn't write a legitimate column - I might've learned something.

What I DID learn, in just two paragraphs is:

Clinton doesn't have the brains to grasp the real problem.
It's so obvious, because of his overt temerity.
Clinton was actually working for the Republicans even tho they hated him enough to impeach him, 
Clinton is alleged to have pushed policies that "created damage"
Clinton is just like Hoover, who was the very worst of the very worst,
Clinton has "the effrontery" to revive his '92 mantra
Clinton has no sense of irony
Clinton loves to wallow in the messes he made without taking blame

Did I miss anything in those first two paragraphs?

Funny, Clinton left office twenty days into 2001.

In late 2008, after Bush did everything he could to reverse Clintons policies across-the-board,
after Bush gave back the taxes the rich were paying and gave them billions of unearned refunds,
after Bush took the roaring economy that Clinton left him (not to mention a budget surplus)
and declared,  "I'm going to reverse course on the Clinton policies" not to mention those
two wars that Bush put on America's credit card, suddenly it's Clinton's fault the ship hit the iceberg?

Almost eight years after turning the bridge over to Bush?

That means Bush's tax cuts DID NOT HURT the economy - neither did his TWO unfunded wars.

That let's Bush off the hook - 100% - and I'm glad to know Bush was innocent.
Seriously - THIS is how history will record the 20th ans 21st centuries.

Everything was going GREAT until Clinton  allowed 9-11 and
the recession.  Then war hero Bush came in and TRIED
to fix Clinton's mess,
but - it was too late.  The damage Clinton
did to our once-great economy was
too great even for war hero
Bush to fix in just eight years.

Gee, we would've been sooo much better off if Poppy had won in 1992.
Then he could've passed power on to Jeb for eight years, then W for eight years.

But no, brainless, clueless Clinton, with his temerity and his effrontery, was just like Hoover.
Those 24 million jobs Clinton created were worth NOTHING.
But those glorious Bush years made it allll worth it.

The worst part?
Nearly half the Democrats agree - it's Clinton's fault.

During impeachment, I remember Dr Laura saying,
"What good is a roaring economy if the President is having sex?"

Yeah, the nineties - those were the worst of times.

Be sure to catch  Blame Clinton More Than Bush
Be sure to catch  How the Democrats Killed The Economy

You can read this wacky Clinton-hate on Truth Digg and HuffPo.

One more thing:
Funny how Clinton was responsible for the housing collapse.
Yet people were able to pay their mortage for seven 1/2 years after he left office.

Wouldn't it be interesting to read "It's Clinton's Fault" without all the hate?

This piece of shit was MUCH more concerned with trashing Clinton than listing the damn facts.

I wonder how that column would've read had it been written by Lyons or Conason?

But then, maybe they didn't write it - because it's not true.

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