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Bartcop screws up





So my buddy Wiseguy calls and says, "I'm going to see Shirley in St Louis next week..
Can I drop by and get some Bartcop stickers? I'll try to get a picture of her with one."

The night of the show, he sent me a text that says he met the band but Shirley didn't stop,
she kept walking - something about professional autograph guys hounding her.

Later he sent a picture of Shirley onstage,

           Dude, new camera!

Meanwhile,  we were partying and listening to some music.
Wiseguy texted again that he hadn't yet seen the band after the show.

For me, that's where the night ended.
I went to sleep without checking my messages - who calls that late at night?

From Wiseguy's point of view, he eventually got to meet the band and get pictures.
He said when he finally got to Shirley for the autograph, he mentioned that he had a friend
who was a liberal blogger - Shirley interrupted to say 'He has good taste', being a Leftie, I assume.

Wiseguy told her his blogger friend was crushed when Shirley mentioned in an interview
that Buzzflash was her favorite liberal website and she looked at him and said, "Bartcop?"
So, ten years of running Shirley pictures on every page finally paid off :)

So Wiseguy asked Shirley if she had a minute to speak to Bart on the phone and she agreed
so Wiseguy dialed my cell - gets my voice mail and he left a "You'd better be f-ing picking up!"

Then he dials my home phone, this had to have been when the music was up real loud,
he gets the voice mail and says "You crazy MF!   I'm here with Shirley on the phone
and you're NOT picking up!?!"

Meanwhile, we didn't know anthing was going on.
We had "Celebration Day" on the TV with the sound turned way up.

So, I missed Shirley's call.

Good news: She knows who I am.
Bad news: She never sent an e-mail or a tweet until she was ambushed :)

But I'm really not too bummed out, because I can imagine the conversation.

Bart: Hi, Shirley, I'm a big fan of your music.
Shirley: That's sweet of you to say, Bart.
Bart: It was great to talk to you, Shirley.
Shirley: Thanks, Bart.

Poor Shirley's probably had that exact conversation 10,000 times.

But I would have liked to hear her pronounce "Bartcop."

So sorry I missed you, Shirley.
I wish something had been on TV that night, the caller ID
would've shown up and things would've worked out better.

And thanks to Wiseguy for going the extra mile for his old buddy.

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