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Shooting at Wal-Mart





 In 1995, Gov.  Smirk signed legislation to allow concealed handguns
 in churches, stadiums, Luby's cafeterias and so on.

 Since we've had another shooting, [This was written May 25, 2000] I'd like to propose a scenario.

 Let's say there are 160 people in a Wal-Mart Super-Center in Dallas.
 Out of the 160, let's say half are carrying a concealed gun.

 All of a sudden, Adam, in aisle 2, thinks he's heard a gunshot inside the store.
 He draws his weapon, certain that he's going to stop a crime in progress.

 Bill, in aisle 4, heard the same sound, so he draws his weapon.
 Charlie and David, in aisle 7, heard the sound, and draw their guns.

 Adam looks around the corner of the aisle and sees Charlie and David
 with their guns out. Adam figures Charlie and David are working together
 to either rob the Wal-Mart or just shoot the place up. With all the best
 intentions a ditto-monkey can muster, trying to fulfill the mandate put upon
 him by the governor of Texas, trying to help, Adam fires on Charlie and David.

 Meanwhile, Bill sees Adam fire at Charlie and David, and assumes he's the nut.
 With all the best intentions, Bill fires at Adam.

 Meanwhile, Charlie and David are innocent, law-abiding citizens being shot at
 inside a Wal-Mart and, since they're armed, they return fire.

 Ed is in aisle 10, with his buddy Frank, and both are carrying.
 Ed and Frank see Charlie and David shooting, but they don't see Adam,
 so they figure Charlie and David are the culprits, so they open fire.

 All this time, Greg and Henry, two Wal-Mart employees, see a gunfight
 in their store, so they grab rifles off the wall and return fire.
 There are six untrained scared ditto-monkeys shooting anything that moves
 and there's 154 people in the store running and screaming in a panic.

 Thirty minutes later, there are 16 dead and 35 wounded.

 ...and the funny part?

 Sherry was making balloon animals in the children's shoe department.
 One of the balloons popped.

 That's how this whole bloody mess got started.

 A really, really stupid idea combined with Smirk's signature means
 a popped balloon translates into 16 dead and 35 wounded.

 Isn't is odd that an organization with less than 4,000,000 members
 can force their firearms policy on the other 276,00,000 Americans?

 Thanks, Smirk.
 Thanks for being an NRA puppet.

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