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Subject: show the dead animal pictures

Dear Bart,

   It is with dismay that I read that you will not show dead or dying animals from the oil leak. 
I am a resident of the Gulf Coast and here in New Orleans we are in shock with what is occurring  
down in the Gulf. Every day is a horror story. The destruction of our way of life here is just beginning 
to sink into our collective consciousness. 

  This manmade disaster will forever alter our way of life, from the economy to the way we cook here, 
and we cook well because our bounty has alway been plentiful and self renewing.  Our seafood industry 
has been in equilibrium with nature. Nature gives it to us and we use it and respect Mother Earth for giving it to us. 
We seem, or at least we seemed, to manage having this bounty next to the hulking oil rigs that dot the Gulf. 
However, the search for oil does not respect nature and they, the oil industry, have chopped up our wetlands 
and polluted our waterways in the search for more crude and higher profits.
   The death of our wildlife and environment is a crime against our planet and to the future generations that 
will inhabit this Earth. They are the innocents of this disaster. The collateral damage of BP's gross negligence. 
If the pictures are not shown then all that is left is a television picture of spewing oil and blackened beaches 
that annoy the tourists. We need national outrage for what has happened, and pictures of innocent victims is 
a good way of doing it. Not showing them is akin to not showing the victims of war. Those pictures make one 
stop and pause and hopefully think about what our actions have produced, they may even produce a change 
in attitude which may lead to a change in policy. Without these photos, we will forget the birds, turtles and 
marine life and they will fall into the Gulf and into oblivion as BP wants them to do.

   Without a doubt, the pictures are difficult to see, but they MUST be seen. We did this, all of us because of 
our dependence on fossil based fuels. We must see the results of our actions so that change can begin. That 
blinking eye you saw in the box that disturbed you so much, more than likely will blink no more. Please don't 
make its death unimportant by simply not showing it because it offends your sensibilities. It is dead forever 
and we killed it. We need to see what we have done.

Thanks for the opportunity to vent,
 Brock LB

On the one year anniversary of the oil spill, how will it rank with 9-11?
Like with 9-11, I don't think anyone needs to be reminded.

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