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Subject: I saw Sicko this afternoon in LA

...and I couldn't help but cry a little when I got to my car thinking about the woman who brought
her sick little girl to the NEAREST damn hospital and they refused to treat her because she had Kaiser. 
They wouldn't help her so she got her child to Kaiser, he daughter went into cardiac arrest and died. 
What kind of perverted society do we have? 

We know what the problems are: 1) lobbyists (all these bastards should be banned) and 
2) not having publicly financed campaigns.

When are we going to get real about how BAD our FOR PROFIT system is? When? 
Isn't taking 9/11 heroes to Cuba for BETTER treatment enough? 
When one of these hero's medicines is $120 at home and in Cuba it's 5 cents!

I'll admit I don't like that Hillary said in her 'second' term, she'll make major reforms (like universal care) 
but I think with her we have a chance. Imagine a Hillary Clinton SECOND term...
when her ideology/her heart could really do more when she would face no elections.

But whatever these monkeys say - they're lying for their big monied interests. Moore did NOT push any
particular program. He did not tell these 'it's all about me' bastards that they SHOULD pay more toward
the common good. He just showed us examples of where people DO CARE about the good of their 
people and how much good it produces for all of us.

He received 25,000+ emails from Americans about their 'isolated stories.' 
I hate these bastards that are bought and paid for whores. Double that 

Go Cheney yourself, Tom Harman.

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