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Subject: The single bullet theory fails for more than one reason

Bart, the single bullet theory fails for more than one reason.  A simple examination of the Zabruder film 
shows Kennedy reacting to the shot that went through his neck.  While he is reacting, Connely can be seen 
turning around to see what is happening, supposedly a second or two after a bullit passed through him 
smashing into his wrist bone and lodging in his leg.  

It takes nothing but common sense and an open mind to see the obvious.  As for your reader who asserted 
that the Parkland Hospital Doctors said that the fatal shot came at the rear of Kennedy's head, that was just plain false. 
The Parkland Doctors described damage at the front parietal portion of the brain at the opening press conference.  
They were forced to stop saying that later on.  It didn't jibe with the "autopsy" report. 

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