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This whole sniper-gate story makes no sense - and her excuse makes even less sense.

The fact is that Clinton and her entourage were warned in advance that Bosnia was hostile territory
and that there had been sniper fire reported in the hills surrounding the tarmac at some point before 
the trip. As a journalist on the trip, the story I wrote began, "Venturing to the front lines of the Bosnia 
peacekeeping mission, Hillary Rodham Clinton greeted U.S. troops today and heard horror stories 
about the region's devastating civil war."

It continued: "Security was tight - fighter jets accompanied her DC-17 cargo plane to Tuzla 
- but officials said the first lady took no extraordinary risks on the trip."

In her biography, Clinton wrote about the reports of snipers in the hills and said she met with local 
children on the tarmac, adding that the gathering was cut short by security concerns. All plausible, 
and a mission to be proud of.

But during a speech last week on Iraq, Clinton stretched the truth to the breaking point. 
"I certainly do remember that trip to Bosnia and ...  I remember landing under sniper fire. 
There was supposed to be some kind of greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead 
we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base."

Sure, it's possible to remember something funny, but this went too far.

Did she confuse this trip with another trip? Remember the way Al Gore was "caught lying" about a 
FEMA trip that Tim the Whore attacked him relentlessly for, under orders from Karl Rove?
There's no value in making up a story when there were witnesses and cameras there.

Were they supposed to land at Point A, but couldn't because of sniper fire,
so they landed at Point B, instead? Is there a good reason for what she said?

And I get that she could've been dead tired, but I don't think I could get so tired
that the facts of a story could change that much.  It's her biggest blunder so far.

The whore media wants to know if she has a "pattern" of exaggerating, but I have a feeling
that if the most investigated woman in history was a serial liar, we'd have heard about it.

So - what's next?

I can't believe how much worse this Demo civil war has gotten since last issue.
Even if Obama implodes and Hillary wins by default - the hate factor is off the charts.
She's hated so much more today than she was on Monday, and I'm sure by Friday
she'll be more hated than she is today.  She's the most demonized woman in history.

That same article says "Yes, she's held to a higher standard than Obama," which seems
to be an admission that the media has given Obama a free ride - and that's not good for us,
but as always we have to play the hand we're dealt.

She needs a miracle quick or I think it's time for her to step aside.

She's in the worst of all places - if McCain crushes Obama like many say he will, all Obama 
has to do is say, "It was Hillary's fault, not mine" and the "We love Obama" press 
will go with that story - as will history.

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