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Softball sized hail

Maybe that's why nice homes go for $84 a sq ft here, but they go for $1000 a sq ft in
nifty, keen places like Los Angeles ...where they have wildfires, earthquakes and mudslides?

The other day, they cancelled prime time TV in Tulsa to track alledged tornadoes.

When they said "softball sized hail" was crushing neighboring counties and the storm
was heading our way, I jumped in The Bartmobile and drove it into the grass in-between
Casa de Bart and our neighbor's home to the north. It caused some lawn gouging, but I'm
tired of dealing with hail.

TWICE my Bartmobile has been mercilessly pummeled with hail.
I wasn't looking for a third trip down Memory Lane.

The first time I was driving down the damn street, looking for some shelter under a
gas station umbrella or any f-ing place but the hail pounded and punished my car and me.
It felt like the Yankees were taking batting practice on the roof of my car.

The hail did $3000 damage, my deductible was $500 and, being in the car business,
I got my car put back in spectacular condition for $1800 - so I made a few dollars.
These guys push the dents out
from inside the frame of a car.

3-4 years later, another severe hail storm put a second severe fuck on the Bartmobile.
I took it to State Farm and they inspected the damage.  My repair people were so good,
State Farm could find no evidence that my car had ever been repaired.
They inspected my car for a couple of hours.

Finally I told them I was ready to f-ing go and they said their repair technicians were
"continuing to gather evidence" and that sounded like an accusation ... I went postal.

I'd been a loyal customer of State Farm Insurance for over 30 years.
Now they were accusing me of insurance fraud because my dent people
were better artists than their pinhead investigators could fathom?

How can the second-biggest insurance company in America be so f-ing stupid?

In this situation, I was absolutely and completely innocent.
The State Farm claim inspectors were entirely negligent.

You'd think a giant corporation like State F-ing Farm would treat a 30+ year customer better,
but in America, it's all about gounging that extra nickel out of every customer.

I blame Bush.



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