'When a Chimp speaks' State of the Union contest

 We start with honorable mentions

 Subject:  Lying/Illegitimate Photos

 Dude- Here is my pic from the lie fest. Hope you enjoy.
 I make your site part of my weekly reading , thank you.
 Keep up the good work.

 David C

 Thanks for bringing some fun into a dismal event.

 Here you go, Bart!

 From Kronos

 Ron V

 Hey Bart!

 A big marga with Herradura Silver and Gold plus Grand Marnier is helping me to get
 through this tough assignment.  Thank Koresh I can turn the vile Smirk off of my TV now...

 Let me introduce the rest of Chimpy's foursome:Moe, Curly, and Larry.
 They couldn't wait for the speechifying to end before getting the clubs out...

 Keep the hammer pounding!

 Tom G

 This was almost a prize winner.
 If we had five prizes, this would've won one.

 From Eric P

 Another almost winner, great stuff, Eric.

 Gonna need a few shots of tequila tonight!
 Man, he SUCKS!

 Ollie in Cerrillos, NM

 Ollie, the "Don't put fingers in the monkey's cage" made this the third-place winner.

 here's my contributions to the picture contest.
 i about blew my gasket on several occasions.
 i don't know if i can take much more of this......

 allen in houston

 hi johnny a and johnny p.
 Not sure why, but I thought this should be the second-place winner.


...and the number one,  Blue Ribbon, First Place Winner!!

 Subject: State of the (dis)union

 Hey, Bartcop -

 Here's the pictures taken during Smirk's speech
 (interrupted -- gasp! -- 77 times for applause by "sphincter"phants).

 Keep on Bartcoppin', man -- we NEED you!

 Cynthia H

 I'll contact the winners by e-mail so they can pick their prizes.
 Thanks to all who sent pictures in.

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