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Subject: Questions for Obama

Question 1: Why did  Barack Obama distance himself or avoided the issue of the Jena six?
Question 2: Why doesn't Obama attend, speak to or deal with important groups to discuss issues 
important to the black community? For example he didn't attend Tavis Smiley's State of the Black Union. 
Hell the only  other black person he talks to other then his wife is Oprah.
Question 3: Why it took him so long to talk about Katrina?
Question 4: Why does he avoids Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton like they have a plague?
Question 5: Other then to do damage control thanks to Rev. Wright when has Obama spoke about race?
Question 6: Does it rattle your support for Obama when he didn't even take time to attend to honor 
the anniversary of Martin Luther King jr's assassination in Memphis? Hell John McCain went and 
he's going to get what less then 2% of the black vote?
And finally black Obama supporters, don't you find it a bit odd that the black candidate for president 
doesn't have time for the black media that supports him without question?  So who's bamboozling who? 

 Dude, it's considered impolite to ask questions.

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