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Subject: I voted for Clinton and lost my job because of it  

Hi Bart,

There are many of us who have lost their jobs because of voting for the
better candidate as did the writer who voted for Obama. I, and many
others, can say the same with what happened with Bill Clinton. 

I remain a huge Clinton fan and have gone to see him in person when he
was campaigning for Hillary, but still I cannot understand why the 180
degree turn on NAFTA. There are probably more than a million of us out of
work because our jobs went to Canada and Mexico. The effect on our
economy that this had from parts suppliers all the way down to the corner
bars that thrived on the workers who frequented their establishments was
huge. Hurting Americans and killing their jobs seems like a treasonous act.
One need not be an economics major to see what would, and eventually did
happen to the American workforce. My co-workers and I certainly understood 
that it was death for the American way of life and middle class. It was a republican 
fantasy to kill all those union jobs. So WHY would a Demmie work to enact a 
George H W Bush plan to screw American workers - his base? 
 Steve in Snow-sylvania

I've yet to find anyone who could explain NAFTA.
When I ask, people send me links to 10,000-word essays and I don't have the time.

I assume Clinton gave his reasons for backing it?
And how did this cause the loss of jobs?

Clinton created 24M jobs, and you're saying that number would be higher
if he hadn't gotten behind NAFTA?

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