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Subject: reality TV sucks

Bart, doesn't the grind of meeting people's expectations ever get to you?

My bank account tells me I ain't meeting shit.

I tried to blog, but couldn't drag myself into writing every day.

Writing is a lot of fun, unless you're not in the mood.
It's like Bartcop Radio... I have to be in the mood to do it,
but once I'm there, I prattle on like Kathie Lee Griford on her period. 

And why the hell do you want writer commentary on reality shows?
They blow. Hard.
All of them except the ones with cool crashes on TruTV.
 Steve in MT

I don't know about the cool crashes on TruTV, but when it comes to Survivor,
you can't heardly get more real. In the last two seasons (my wild guess) three
people had to be evacuated because of medical hardship and that ain't bean bag.

On Survivor, they dump 20 people on an island and say, "Build a shelter, look for food,
elect a leader and learn how to create fire because you can't drink water without fire."

You ever been under that kind of pressure, Steve?

They have no shelter. Sometimes it's 50 degrees and raining and they can't even stay dry.
And you can't drink water until it things dry out and you can't drink water until you can  
build fire and you can't build a fire until things dry out.

We like to watch this show from our La-Z-Boys while eating delivered pizza.
That pizza tastes extra good when you're watching a pretty girl eat a rat because she's starving..

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