Send me your sticker pics!

Sticker Contest!

Whoever sends in the picture of the  sticker placed
with the most artistic strategery wins one of the following prizes:

a CD by the best band working today,


A Brooke Burke calendar, personally signed by Brooke to you,


A pound of the only chocolate endorsed by

..and since it's chocolate by South's Finest
it'll be the freshest and best-tasting chocolate you've ever had.

Since everyone can't win, I suggest you Click  Here
and get your Valentine's Day gift for the woman in your life.
Better order two pounds, because this is the Chinaco Anejo of chocolates.

Prediction: If you order some of these for your girl, just might get that special reward...

We will choose three winners, so send those sticker pictures in now!
Win the new Garbage CD or the Brooke Burke autographed calendar or The South's Finest chocolate.

Can it get any better than that?


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