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Remember this guy, Republican operative Roger "Dick" Stone?

From the ad he placed

He's Dick would-you-like-to-fuck-my-wife Stone.

He's the disgraced, former Dole for President Campaign operative
who got caught advertising for somebody to screw his wife.
You thought I made that whole bit up, didn't you?

Text of sex ad placed by Dole aide Dick Stone in DC paper:

C-161,787 DC
Insatiable Couple!!!
We are HOT, athletic and very fit.
We are seeking similar couples or exceptional, muscular, well-hung men!
She is 40DD - 24 - 36 and bi.
She loves to fuck hard and deep!

He's 195 pounds, trim, muscular and 6 ft.
She prefers jocks, miliary men and body builders.
No fat people or smokers.

(ha ha - Pigboy need not apply)

Send photo and phone.
No photo, no response.
We are interested in DC, VA, MD, NYC, Miami and LA.

"She loves to fuck, hard and deep!" was how he billed the lovely Mrs. Stone.
...and this was right after Bob Dole attacked Clinton on the Dick Morris issue, claiming,

"You can take the measure of a man by the company he keeps."

ha ha

I miss Bob Dole.
May he rest in peace.

Anyway, Dick was on Crossfire last night.
Like Marv Albert, he's figured it's time to get back to work.
He was arguing the conservative point of view, natch.

He used the name Roger Stone instead of Dick Stone.
I guess he only uses Dick when he wants you to screw his wife.

He was billed as "Republican spokesman Roger Stone,"
but he currently works for possible presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Dick Stone, speaking for The Donald?
Is Trump broke?

Why would Trump hire Dick would-you-like-to-fuck-my-wife Stone?

I'm all for giving a guy a second chance, but when you put a goddamn ad in the paper, 
with a goddamn picture of your wife and your bad-self, inviting people to screw your wife, 
I'm not sure he should be speaking for Penny's F-ing Lemonade Stand, much less a 
casino-owning billionaire who's considering a run for the White House.

Keep an eye out for this guy.
If you ever hear the Trump candidacy being talked about,
look for Dick would-you-like-to-fuck-my-wife Stone.

He's a Republican.

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