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Subject: TSA Idiocy

If we had a Frank Luntz on our side he'd call the TSA idiocy going on at Airports " Universal Profiling "

EVERYTHING the TSA is saying about the Porno Scanners and the molestation pat downs is BULLSHIT.
Obama should know better!

Obama on 11-20-10 :

"But at this point, TSA in consultation with counterterrorism experts have indicated to me that the procedures
that they have been putting in place are the only ones right now that they consider to be effective against the
kind of threat that we saw in the Christmas Day bombing."

Uhh Yeah, sorry the " these procedures are the only ones right now " excuse is TOTAL BULLSHIT!

We could have thousands of trained bomb sniffing dogs - at WAY less cost than the porno scanners
and molestation pat downs and way more foolproof. Material hidden in body cavities EASILY fool
the porno scanners and the current pat downs - it doesn't fool man's best friend!

Of course the Canine solution doesn't allow Chertoff and OSI Systems/Rapiscan
to make millions & TSA to humiliate Americans and visitors to the USA

We could also use Profiling like the Israelis effectively practice....stop pretending
that we have to be " fair and balanced " at our Airports.

Isn't it enough that FixedNews is " fair and balanced "?

I voted for change and instead got a subservient to his Corporate Overlords Charlie Brown
 Nigel in Dubly

I don't know Bush about bomb-sniffing dogs.
Are they trained to recognize and locate EVERY kind of bomb material?

It's my understanding that EVERY passenger on EVERY Israeli flight is personally intereviewed.
That wouldn't work at a busy American airport with hundreds of flights daily.

But I am interested in the bomb-sniffing dogs.
Anybody know why they wouldn't work?


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