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Subject: Your Question On My Poster "Stupid Is As Stupid Does"

Hey Bart,

You posted one of my posters last issue "Stupid is as stupid does" with the questions under it:

> OK, fair enough, but what does that say about a party that
> will nominate a candidate that "the stupid people" won't vote for?

Well first of all, you're talking like the party is one guy.  Whoever wins the primary will be 
the aggregate of the will of the Democratic party, minus any bullshit by the superdelegates. 

Wait - if the party nominates someone stupid people reject, wouldn't be great
for the superdelegates to step in and nominate someone who can win?
That "bullshit" might save us from four more years of disaster.

As for "The stupid people", hey man I was making a joke and making a stupid joke 
about West Virginia is not that difficult.  It's definitely the low hanging fruit of comedy.

But isn't the same thing true for Pennsylvania, Ohio, TX, New York, California etc?
If the biggest voting block in the country (working white people) won't vote Obama,
why are we nominating him?  To prove to the world that we're not racist?
Frankly, I'd rather win this election that prove some abstract point to the world.

I think that this is a racial issue and not stupidity.  I think you have
a whole bunch of people who just don't want to vote for a black guy. 

If you're right, we're heading for another loss and four years of pure shit.
If a whole bunch of people who just don't want to vote for a black guy,
should we proceed with his nomination?

Put another way - isn't our goal winning the White House?

And I'm as pasty white as a loaf of Wonder bread so it's not like I've got some big chip 
on my shoulder about this.  But if you don't want to vote for Obama you can probably 
discern plausible reasons not to, but this bullshit about "I heard he's a Muslim" is just a 
fabrication that's been debunked time and time again. 

You mean bullshit like "Al Gore invented the Internet" 
bullshit like "John Kerry was never wounded in Vietnam?"

Voter stupidity cost us the last two elections.
We can either learn from that or give them another four years.

The only reason to believe horseshit like that is if you WANT to believe it.
~Lefty at

So if we lose - again - we'll at least have the enormous satisfaction of knowing why?

I'd rather win and debate about how, than lose and debate about how.
I think you have strenghtened my position.

Voters are f-ing idiots and  if I mean when the GOP says, "Obama is a Muslin,"
stupid people will get scared and vote for McCain and then we're faced with NINE 
Facsist dogs loyal to Bush on the Whore Court for the nest 30 years.

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