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Subject: sufficiently disappointed in Obama


I chose Obama over Clinton. It appeared to me that Clinton didn't quite
get the complaints of the American people, and that she was as blinded
as anyone else inside the Beltway. I thought that of Obama as well, but
there were a few things which he clearly understood (such as the race
problem). I thought that Obama might be the inverse Gore who discovered
what the American people were truly saying when he left the Beltway. I
thought that Obama might have such an awakening while in office in light
of his attempt to keep his Blackberry and stay in touch. I'm clearly disappointed.

While I disagree with the idea of sending more troops to Afghanistan, I
don't begrudge Obama that one. He promised to get us out of Iraq (not
Afghanistan), but identified, during his campaign, Afghanistan as the
center of the "war on terror."

However - he DID promise to end "don't ask, don't tell." 
He's made NO effort to do so.

He DID promise to reform health care. He has chosen to remain in the
background and, rather than seek substantial reform, he's made every
effort to court whatever Olympia Snowe wants so that he can claim a
single bi-partisan vote. When I voted for Obama, it was not with the
understanding that Snowe would get veto power. Now it appears that
whatever plan is implemented will be a financial giveaway to the health
insurance companies, subsidized with taxes on benefits that those of us
with employment health care receive.

He stated quite clearly that "America doesn't torture." What he
apparently meant is that his administration will not torture or use
rendition right at the moment, but will keep it in his box of tools -
safe for future administrations. He will not enforce laws against war
crimes, nor attempt to discourage their use. As far as Obama is
concerned, apparently, there are no perpetrators of war crimes. 
There are only those with differing opinions.

I'm sufficiently disappointed. I will vote for any legitimate primary
challenger (or even semi-legitimate) to Obama in 2012.

Jim H.

CBS News did a poll - Obama's favorables are at 47 - Palin's at 46.
Clearly the publicity whore is the GOP front-runner.

2012 could be an exciting race.

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