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Survivor Heroes Vs Villains: Preview
 by Mike the Dealer

Survivor opens its 20th season with an all-star show with a gimmick, that being 10 people
who’ve been previously cast as ‘heroes’ battling against 10 people who’ve been cast as ‘villains’. 
Let’s review the cast, see how the tribes stack up, assess the threats, and try to figure out who the winner could be.

I’ll list every player by name, season or seasons they were on, what level of game play I believe they have 
(Mostly social, but some physical) and how I see them doing. In the end I’ll have a tribe breakdown and 
do my ‘shot in the dark’ pick of the winner.



Previous Season: China , made final 3 and lost
Threat Level: Yellow
Courtney pretty much had a solid alliance and rode it to final 3 where she was unable to beat Todd for the money. 
She has a good shot of doing well if the Villains get off to a good start, as she hasn’t won and won’t be seen as a big time schemer.

Previous Season: Panama, lost final 2
Threat Level: Green
She has no real game, Cirie, crazy Shane, and Aras ran things while Terry the unlikeable Tom rip off was busy 
immunity tanking his way to the end. Odds are she’ll last a while because she’ll be seen as harmless, which she was.

Previous Seasons: Australia, made jury, All-Stars, didn’t make jury
Threat Level: Yellow
Was pretty much screwed by Lex on All-Stars, who made the stupid move of helping Boston Rob and voted off 
an ally rather than ridding the game of Boston Rob’s ally (and future wife) Amber. She’s been on the wrong side 
of things outside her control. Doubt she’ll be seen much as a threat in this season, so she could last.

Previous seasons: Cook Islands made the jury,  Fans Vs favs, Winner
Threat Level: Red
Winners are threats, huge threats, she’ll be targeted right quick, double so 
given what I’ll be writing about later. I don’t expect her to last long.

Previous Season: Pearl Island, Winner
Threat Level: Red
She won, and she’s a woman, that tends to get one the boot right quick on these shows, if the Villains lose 
a couple challenges she and Parvati look to be in real trouble. In all reality she only won her season because 
the crazy girl scout lady gave her a million bucks rather than take Johnny Fairplay to final 2 and beat his 
stupid head in for the cash. If people accept that her winning was pretty lame she might last, but normally 
the stain of having a million dollars is too much to overcome.


Previous Season: Tocantins, Made Jury
Threat level: Green
Coach is a gameless idiot, he really has no idea what’s going on. He was infuriating with his stupidity, 
he’ll most likely for a few votes, because he’s not much for plotting or scheming, and isn’t a threat to 
Immunity tank his way to victory.

Previous Season: Gabon, made jury
Threat level: Green
Another gameless idiot, Randy’s even less of a physical threat then Coach, and this might be his only downfall, 
in that he could be voted off ahead of a woman because he’s so weak. Randy’s on this show for lord only knows 
what reason, he could hang around if somebody felt the need to use his vote, but otherwise he won’t last.

Boston Rob
Previous seasons: Marquesas, didn’t make jury, All-Stars, lost final 2
Threat Level: A Color only bees can see
Rob has lucked out that his tribe is so physically weak when compared to the heroes (More on that in a bit) 
it may very well allow him to survive long enough to start the scheming and plotting that allowed him to dominate all-stars. 
He should be the first one voted out of his tribe due to his way to powerful game, but he may be irreplaceable 
given the weakness the villains face. Expect him to be targeted quickly once the merger hits, as everyone will 
be scared to death of his mind control powers.

Previous season: Samoa lost final 3
Threat level: Orange
His finding idols without clues was cool, but his stupid actions early on cost his tribe the numbers going into 
the merger and only a lucky break of a stupid, self-imploding enemy tribe, plus a hidden immunity idol, 
stopped him from going down to a pagonging. He’s solid, and odds are he and Rob will be working hard 
to manipulate the not-so-game having members of the Villains. He’s a bit of a wild-card because most of 
his season wasn’t aired when this season started filming, so people might just know him as ‘the jerk who 
burned a guy’s socks and dumped out everyone’s water’ could have a chance to win if he doesn’t sabotage 
his own tribe this time and then just plots and schemes like a normal person.

Previous season: Tocantins, made jury
Threat level: Blue
He was Coach’s flunkie, but got seen as a physical threat and then booted, odds are he and Coach will ally 
and then attach themselves to the winner women or Boston Rob/Russell. Has a chance to do some damage 
since odds are Coach will get tossed out before he does, due to the fact that he’s not likely to be an immunity tank this season.



Previous seasons: China, lost final 3, Fans Vs Favs, lost final 2
Threat level: Orange
She knows the game, never got voted out (but did need a hidden idol to survive one vote) smart, clearly a danger. 
Will be interesting to see how she plays this, could be seen as a threat at meager due to her previous season alliance with Parvati.

Previous season: Cook Island, made jury
Threat level: Green
Got blindsided when her alliance was betrayed and then voted out in short order, Candice really didn’t do a 
whole heck of a lot in her season, why she’s back over Yul, Becky, or more Jonathan is beyond me. 
Will most likely fly under the radar and make the merger, unless the heroes suffer to many early defeats and cut her lose.

Previous seasons: Panama, made jury Fans Vs Favs, made jury
Threat level: beyond the understanding of moral kin
She is Cirie!! RUN!!!! She almost assuredly has to be the first person voted out of her tribe, she’s way too good 
a player to be allowed to last and she’s a middle aged heavyset woman so really she’s not going to be a physical 
power house they need to keep around, she’s way to smart and good at this game. She’s gotten people to willingly 
give up immunity, she set up a 3 way split vote to turn her minority into enough votes to boot her target, she plays 
to win and has no mercy, she’ll vote anyone out and then make them feel bad that she had to do it, a stone cold killer, 
she will have to be voted out right quick.  She is also my favorite player of all time, I’d love for her to have a long run, 
but I doubt she’ll last.

Previous seasons: Palau, made jury Guatemala, lost final 2
Threat Level: Orange
She was able to survive the total destruction of her tribe, the only tribe ever to lose every last immunity challenge. 
She would have been capable of going further that year had idiot Gregg not decided that she had to go RIGHT NOW 
rather than vote out the immunityless Tom, who promptly then won like, 50 immunities in a row. Came back and had the 
numbers on her side, but then stupidly took a physical threat with her to final 3 instead of a gimp, and in doing so lost a 
million dollars. Is likely in as perfect a spot as one could hope for, as she’s physically capable enough to not be expendable 
early, yet won’t be nearly a threat one we get to the merger and the Hero Males Mega Immunity Tank War kicks off.

Previous seasons: Gabon lost final 3
Threat level: Orange
She’s smarter then she lets on, knows the game, played it almost perfectly, but then sabotaged herself at the end 
out of some stupid desire for Survivor to be more than a bunch of fame-whores playing a game show and trying to 
win a million dollars. If she keeps the tales of morality and right and wrong out of the game and plays to win she 
could be a threat, also her sappy attitude could endear her to Rupert, who is the king of such stupidity, and allow 
the start of an alliance.


Previous seasons: Australia lost final 2, All-Stars didn’t make jury
Threat Level: Yellow
Didn’t have an amazing social game, immunity tanked the hell out of Australia, but was blindsided by his tribe 
in All-Stars. He threw away a million dollars because of ‘his word’ so he fits right in with the Sugar/Rupert ‘idiots 
with morals’ group. Will be interesting to see how it all shakes out with immunity challenges once we hit the merger, 
which I’ll expect he will make.

Previous seasons: China, Made jury, Fans Vs Favs, made jury
Threat Level: Yellow
Got blindsided while holding 2 hidden idols, then got forced out due to an infected cut on “Survivor: Fans Vs Favorites” 
or as I call it “the most unclean and horrible show ever” so many people went down with infected wounds that season, 
at least three of them. He was on the wrong side of the numbers anyhow in Fans Vs Favs and was a goner anyhow. 
Never much of a social gamer, will be interesting to see how he does if he makes the merger and the Immunity War breaks out.

Previous season: Tocantins, Winner
Threat Level: Red
He won he’s a physical threat and young, if the Heroes decide to cut out some of their surplus power early he could go. 
Played a solid social game and knew what he needed to say to sway the jury. May fit in with the moral crusaders. 

Previous seasons: Pearl Islands, made jury, All-Stars, made jury. 
Was given a million dollars because CBS just wanted him to have it.
Threat level: Blue
He’s pretty much an idiot, I hate Rupert the cast of Pearl Island said he was a dick who got edited to look like a hero. 
I have no use for Rupert and his stupidity at all. Odds are he won’t be a physical threat as the rest of the Hero men are, 
and he lacks a good social game, but odds are some ‘alliance of the self righteous’ will form with Tom, Colby, Rupert, 
Sugar, and JT, and that will suck, a lot. I expect him to last far too long for my liking, as he’ll work hard around camp 
pre-merger, and post merger he won’t be a huge immunity threat.

Previous season: Palau, Winner
Threat level: Red
He won, he was unbeatable in immunity challenges, and the one time he lost, the idiots didn’t vote him out. 
Played a great social game and a great physical game, but he’s up against a cast of really strong physical players 
this year, so it will be interesting if he can still compete for necklaces. Also being a winner makes it possible he’ll 
be sent on his way should the heroes go that way.


The Villain women are a bit stronger then the Hero women, with Cirie most likely being a bit of a physical liability, 
but most challenges require a puzzle solver or some form of intelligence and she can cover for that. The Hero men 
have a clear edge physically over the Villain men. Randy’s 50 and wasn’t exactly in good shape last time, Coach 
was a disgrace, Russell needed a bunch of chances to finally end Brett’s string of immunity wins. In the end 
Boston Rob and Tyson are going to have to carry a heavy load for the Villains when it comes to physical tasks. 

This leads me to believe that Sandra, Randy, and Parvati will be early vote outs, due to their having won before/not 
being physically useful. The heroes on the other hand will most likely be able to make votes looking towards the merger. 
JT and Tom could be voted out for winning before without much concern for losing one powerhouse, when they still 
have plenty of strong men left. Cirie will have to be voted out for the fact that she’s too good at Survivor to be left in 
the game, and that she’s not to physically helpful.

The winners out of all of this are really Boston Rob, Russell, Steph, and Sugar, who have solid social games, 
but will most likely be spared to the merger due to what their tribe cares about. The Villains need Boston Rob 
and Russell’s strength, while the Heroes will most likely be just caring about who’s more awesome and honorable 
and also concerned about ‘fairness’ (so long as that fairness suits the needs of the person who’s talking about it.)


The Heroes jump out of the gate quick, knocking out Sandra, Randy, and Parvati. When they lose their first challenge 
Cirie is sent packing. They then blindside JT because he’s the youngest and has won already, and is also the least preachy 
of Colby/Tom/Rupert/Sugar. After another loss, Russell and Boston Rob agree to work together while completely 
distrusting each other, but they still manage to hold it together long enough to turf Courtney and Coach. The Heroes 
purity crusade kicks out Amanda and Candice.  Right before the merger, Russell finally snakes Boston Rob, 
who’s the known plotter and schemer, where as Russell is just seen as a jerk.

Steph, Sugar, Colby, Rupert, Tom, James, Tyson, Russell, Danielle, Jerri

The Heroes go into the merger with a 6-4 edge and pick off Tyson, they then get hit by a Russell hidden idol 
and lose Tom. Russell goes next, and then Colby gets backstabbed after he loses immunity and everyone fears 
he’s a threat.  At final 6 Sugar/Rupert/James/Steph hold together and throw out Danielle. Jerri complains to 
Sugar and Steph that they are just giving the game to the hero men if they vote her out, Steph agrees and 
Sugar wakes up and decides to play to win instead of for ‘a good person to win’…Rupert goes at 4, but James 
wins the final immunity, and the heroes decide the final villain should be tossed, bye Jerri.

Final 3, Steph claims she played the best game, Sugar claims the same thing, James says he won some challenges.

James wins the mill, because the jury is idiots.

So tune in Thursday to see James voted out first…Kiss of death baby!

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