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Mike's Survivor Review 

Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains

Episode 6: Tyson is a moron

We return to Heroes camp after Tom has been voted off, Candice explains to her that she sided with her 
very stupid majority to boot Tom because to not vote Tom would only inflame the anger of the idiot majority, 
who were in favor of keeping a one legged man over Tom. Amanda interviews that Candice’s vote shall not 
save her and she will be voted out shortly, since she stupidly told Rupert that voting out the one legged guy 
would be better then voting out Tom.

He's exactly right.
It made no sense to save James (for one week) and kill Tom, who has brains and skills.

At Villains camp, Rob and Russell have words, Russell declares Boston Rob will be defeated shortly, 
for none cross Russell and live.

Back from the credits we get the challenge treemail, which baffles the heroes, for they know not if it’ll be 
challenge/immunity/both/neither?! It’s total confusion for the Heroes, I.E. the normal state of affairs.

We get our first clue as to the nature of the challenge when we see the Villains with the Immunity idol. 
The Villains see Tom is gone and James lives. Somehow Probst asks a girl what she thinks about that and Danielle…
(WHO!?) says that clearly James is in a powerful alliance if he’s been kept in the game while on one leg.

Today both tribes go to tribal, and both tribes shall compete for individual immunity. 

It seemed the producers sent both tribes to TC because the Villians keep winning.
That's one thing I don't like about Survivor, the producers can change the game to help the underdogs.

Heroes go first. Much to the Heroes dismay, Candice wins immunity, which seems to seal Colby’s fate, 
since only Candice could have gone home besides him. During this challenge whenever James is commented 
on by Probst Courtney sarcastically swoons over him. 

Villain time and Boston Rob wins, because he wins everything, he’s Boston Rob. 
Russell’s grand plans for overthrowing Rob will have to wait another week at least.

We have a final round of Rob Vs Candice, winner gets hot dogs and soda for their tribe, and their tribe 
gets to watch the other tribe have their council, so that they may pick up clues about the other tribe’s politics.
Rob wins of course, because he’s unbeatable, so the Villains get succulent food and beverage along with Probst fed info later.

Colby notes that he royally sucked in the challenge, faring even worse than James and his one leg, 
so he’s pretty upset with himself.

Back from the break the Villains salute Boston Rob, the bringer of good fortune. He joking says “I beat a girl” 
in reference to his win over Candice in the final challenge, of course Candice beat JT, Colby, James and Rupert, 
so that’s 4 guys who can’t say they beat a girl. Pavarti says she thinks she’s worried now, given that she’s in the 
minority and really needed that immunity to save herself.

Rob gives his 6 person alliance the order to vote out Pavarti but to make Russell think it’s him so he’ll play 
the hidden Immunity Idol.  Coach declares that he’s always true to his word, and his word is that he’s voting out Pavarti…
Wasn’t he knighted by Russell?! Didn’t he swear himself to him last time?! Oh whatever, Coach makes up the rules as he goes along.

He's exactly right.
I've never seen anyone lie to themself more than Coach.

Rob tells Russell he’s going tonight, 100%.

Russell hangs out with Danielle and Pavarti, (Note: Danielle will not exist for the rest of this episode) and tells them 
he’s not an idiot, and that he’s going to give Pavarti the idol, vote out Tyson, and hope that he’s right it’s an attack 
on Pavarti and the idol saves her and sends Tyson home. “If it doesn’t work I go home” he says, which is about the 
best attitude one can have when in the minority and forced to take desperate measures to save yourself.  That and the 
fact that this guy has spent about 55 of the last 75 days playing Survivor, he might be a bit worn out.

Heroes beach, Colby tells everyone it was an honor to play Survivor with them, he knows he’s going home, it’s cool, 
and that’s that. Rupert and him have a handshake, since Rupert’s full of crap and buys into all that ‘honor’ garbage, 
when the truth is if Rupert knew he was the next one to go home he’s turtle up into a ball weeping about how unfair 
everything is and how everyone’s out to get him, and boo hoo, poor Rupert. Yes I hate Rupert, no it won’t stop.

The Heroes pow-wow and debate James Vs Colby, in that James still is on one leg and while Colby has sucked, 
he does have two working legs. It’s brought up that James eats a lot of food around camp and this is another 
potential reason for voting him out.

This didn't make sense.
They get on James for eating too many bananas, but they're on a damn island - are bananas not plentiful?
Christ, they grow on f-ing trees - how can you be selfish with something grows on f-ing trees?

Amanda, who plays Survivor for herself and on behalf of James, lets James know that he has to show he can run, 
and that maybe he shouldn’t eat so much. James grumps that playing survivor is hard, and that he’d rather just work out 
a lot and lose at challenges and blame other people for his losses.

James now has to race JT to show that he can compete. He does so poorly, JT out-ran him by running backwards. 

Again, we're dealing with some super-stupid people.
James's leg is hurt, perhaps badly.
Making him run a race to prove some ethereal point makes no sense on any level.
Wouldn't it be smarter to let him rest his leg - save ot for the next challenge?

Various camera shots of Colby just loitering in the wash show us that he’s lazy as hell and not doing anything. 
Of course honestly what can he do? There’s an alliance of 4, one of their targets won immunity, he’s the other target.
I mean in his spot I might try to fight kicking and screaming, but I also might just accept I’ve lost and there’s little to do 
to change that. Of course there’s also the chance he’s been told what the vote will be and all this lazy video stuff is just for effect.

Back to Villain camp and Rob decides to work a split vote to force the idol out and get rid of Russell or Pavarti. 
He explains that the split vote is fool proof, where as a mass vote on either Russell or Pavarti is risky since the idol 
can be used to deflect the vote and send somebody home, most likely Tyson.

The split vote is bullet proof, as Tyson affirms, while mentioning that his lack of immunity is annoying, 
but what can you do really?  Russell pulls Tyson aside and tells him that the Russell/Pavarti/Non-Existant Third Girl block 
were planning on voting out Tyson, and that well, on further review, Russell’s going to vote out Pavarti, because he can’t 
save her, so Tyson might as well vote out Pavarti also.

This is of course the dumbest logic possible…If Russell is telling the truth, then changing your vote does nothing, 
as Russell is clearly backstabbing Pavarti, and it’ll go 2 Tyson, 3 Russell, 4 Pavarti and she’s gone, so Tyson 
changing his vote doesn’t do any good for getting rid of Pavarti, it’s an overkill vote.

If Russell is lying, then he’s trying to get you to vote Pavarti for a sinister reason, so why listen to him either way? 
Tyson, being a moron, declares he’s totally changing his vote to Pavarti and that Russell’s lifted the weight of the world 
off his shoulders with this promise of an easy pain free Pavarti boot.

Tribal, talking, lying, etc. Time to vote and we see the split vote working as it should, with people voting Russell and Pavarti. 
Then we get to the ‘anyone want to play the idol?’ and Russell says he win, but he pump fakes and gives the idol to Pavarti, 
after making a speech to Coach about being honorable and forthright. Russell is working the long game here, hoping to both 
survive this vote and have a better political situation at camp come tomorrow.  Boston Rob is amused by Russell’s scrambling, 
since he’s still doomed to the split vote, but suddenly Russell only gets 2 votes, and Pavarti gets 4…That wasn’t the plan! 
Tyson gets the final 3 votes and is sent home due to Pavarti’s playing of the idol, way to be a complete idiot Tyson.

Pavarti and the person-who-doesn’t-exist react with shock that they’ve won this round, while Russell is all smiles. 
Boston Rob sits there trying to figure out exactly how the idiots on his tribe have managed to throw away such a good situation.

I feel bad for Boston Rob.
He had the situation figured out and solved but that idiot Tyson fell for Russell's trick and but into the Apple and his 
super-stupid move got him sent home. He had to know Rob's plan was fool-proof, but he was too big of a fool.

Have you ever seen a more gutsy play than Russell's?
He gave up immunity (looking like a hero doing it) and it worked because Tyson has Bush for brains.
How frustration to have victory in your hand and then throw it all away.

And Coach - he's so full of shit he can't be relied on.
After declaring his love for Boston Rob for making fire without flint, he then declared his love for Russell
all the while explaining that his loyalty is solid as a rock.  Boy, can't you hear yourself talk?

Tyson admits that he voted himself off the show, and is an idiot, but he’s still awesome. 
No you’re not Tyson, you’re an idiot.

Tyson made one of the stupidest moves in Survivor history.

Tragically after that dramatic and awesome turn of events at Villains tribal, we’re stuck with the crappy Heroes tribal. 
I watch this mostly to see the Villains eat…Rupert declares that the Villains are full ‘literally and physically’ which really 
should have been the episode title. Probst then gets to big time game influencing by saying “Man Colby, you sure are on 
the outside looking in, if you were to make it to the merger, you could be a free vote, ripe for the picking for anyone on 
the Villains tribe to collect you!   Honestly man, you hold NO ALLIANCE AT ALL to the Heroes.” Of course the same 
could be said for Candice, but she’s not in Probst’s poker games, nor a man crush, so she’s not going to be listed as a 
valuable post merger swing vote.

The Villains are sent off and the Heroes vote, its 4-1 James goes home. Sure, keep him over Tom and then send him home. 
James laments he went home ‘a bit earlier then I should have’ man way to aim high James 
Yeah, hoping to make the jury maybe, get close to the end would have been cool’.


JT’s playing just a brilliant game on the Heroes side. He got Cirie and Tom voted out, and now has sent James home 
to break up the Fans Vs Favs alliance since now it’ll be only Pavarti/Amanda at the merger, and through all his backstabbing 
and double dealing the Heroes have never once thought to get rid of him. Even better still he’s got Colby and Candice waiting
to go home next to save his bacon, even if I think a merger is very likely after the next vote. He's really danced through some 
rain drops, I thought he was foolish before, but now it's clear he's running things at Heroes camp and they don't even see it. 

Meanwhile the Villains side of things is clearly in a state of flux. Tyson’s awful play has shattered the Villains into a 5-3 split, 
with Russell/Pavarti/She who isn’t there, Vs Rob/Coach/Sandra/Jerri/Courtney. This leaves us with a lot of options heading 
into next week, and hopefully the week after that being the merger.

If the Villains go to tribal, can Rob hold together his five, if Coach flips, does he take Jerri with him and they boot Rob? 

Rob is like an entire team - they can't lose with Rob, but yes, 
they could be Tyson-stupid and send their home run hitter home.

Who does Rob send home if he holds his 5 together Russell or Pavarti?  These questions are all likely moot since the Heroes 
will most likely lose the next challenge and send Candice home, since they tolerate Colby, but they seem to HATE Candice.

Now if Candice does go, and we hit the merger as I expect, what happens then? We have a 5 person Boston Rob Alliance, 
Vs 4 Heroes Vs a 3 Person Russell alliance, that’s a lot of wheeling and dealing, the Heroes could tip the balance to Russell 
and put them in the driver’s seat, being the majority bloc of the new majority alliance. Man could JT really walk into that good a situation? 

I can hope for a Villains loss and thusly an interesting tribal this week, but I’m not counting on it. 
Odds are Candice just goes home and then the merger hits and then it’ll really get fun.

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