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Subject: Checking in from "swing state" Virginia!


For this election I'm happy to be out of Texas and in a state where my vote matters! 
(I hate the g-damn electoral college.) I canvassed for Obama last weekend with my Mom 
in my Northern Virginia town where I live. This town is considered semi-Republican...but 
out of the 20 or so people we talked to, 15 were voting for Obama! And these were 
pre-selected as UNDECIDED voters or independent voters, not Dems. 2 or 3 were still 
undecided (dumbasses), one guy was hollering about taxing small businesses and socialism, 
and one guy--and this made my whole day--we knocked on the door, and said "blablabla, 
are you considering voting for Obama?" and he said "NOPE! TOO BLACK!" and we said 
"uhh.." and he said "NOT VOTING FOR A BLACK MAN!" and slammed the door. 

I had busted out laughing before he shut it. 
My husband was watching from the street and said "Whatever happened to honesty?"
Of course it's easy to find it amusing when you're 100 electoral votes ahead...
:) :) :)

Keep on keeping on! 
The good guys will win this time!
 Megan the former Elephant Whisperer

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