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Rev Jim's SXSW 2009 review

Bart, there was, as always, an incredible lineup of music for SXSW.
You definitely need to make the trip down here to the designated liberal zone for Texas.

Friday night though there was a show that really stood out.  Or would have had it been advertised.  During SXSW there are always 
unannounced word-of-mouth shows that are usually sponsored by some magazine or corporate entity. This year there was a 
Metallica show that was probably the most notorious and most sought out of those.  (Did Lars have any Metallica fans arrested? :)

But the best show musically was the Texas Music Magazine showcase on Friday at Scholtz's Beergarden,outside under the trees. 
The lineup started with Shawn Sahm doing a tribute to his father Doug, who is like the Godfather to the Austin music scene. 
Shawn had members from all of Doug's bands such as The Sir Douglas Quintet & The Texas Tornadoes , along with the West Side horn section . 
It was an incredible set of music with beautiful Austin weather, everyone was rockin' . After that was an unbelievable all-star set promoting a CD 
for returning troops that need help with PTSD.  The project is called Voices Of A Grateful Nation,   It is a great way of both helping the vet's 
who need it the most, and also promoting music that truly supports those who have sacrificed the most without getting into right-wing jingoistic crap.

The band included Carolynn Wonderland, Shelley King, Jesse Dayton, and my special friend Miss Lavelle White . LaVelle is a walking treasure,
one of the last of the old school blues legends, the honest-to-god daughter of a Mississsippi share cropper who ran away to sing the blues long ago.
Their set was a full of heartfelt songs for the troops, Shipping Out To Iraq Blues by Jesse Dayton & Everyone Has Faded by Sally Allen really 
stood out, at least until LaVelle took the stage.  Her song We'll Have Peace Someday, a gospel song, just brought down the house . She had the 
crowd out of their chairs and dancing under the stars. The band was cookin' behind her, they had to bring her back for a curtain call . I can't say 
enough about the entire lineup on this CD , or for that matter the whole project, I'm hoping all Bartcoppers will go to their site and buy the CD,
or if it's too much just drop some money on them,there is no better cause out there right now.

As LaVelle was taking her curtain call & I looked out from the side of the stage , I shouted out what I thought was a rhetorical question . 
"Who's going to follow this ? " Then Carolynn Wonderland just looked at me, grinned, and said just 2 words  "Del Castillo!" 
I could only answer " OK, I asked the wrong question......" Del Castillo of course would be more than up to that job.  I've seen them many times 
over the years & they are is all you say they are on your website and then some.   I only wished I could have stayed and caught their set but I was 
escorting Miss LaVelle that night and we had commited to make another showcase across town . So I got to hear the opening riffs as we headed 
out into the night , but I did think about Ol' Bart as I was leaving ,wondering if you might have made it down .

To close , I just want to mention again the Voices Of A Grateful Nation, and ask all BartCoppers to please go to their website and check out 
what they are doing.   PTSD is going to be the top issue a lot of our returning vets are going to be dealing with . I'm from the Vietnam generation,
so many of our guys then came home and were left to deal with things on their own.I'm hoping this time around we will all be more receptive to 
this type of personal tragedy & do all we can to help out.

But that's my (somewhat) mini report from SXSW . 
Everybody should come down and check us out at least once - it's an experience like no other. 

 Rev Jim


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