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Tally's Idol Review
lIt's official: Thanks to TIVO I can watch an hour of Idol in 20 mins. 
The only problem is I can't edit out Ellen's horrid Shania/Mark Twain/Disneyland steamboat puns. Why????? 

Shot of Chinaco for Tally for being spot-on about unfunny Ellen.


How many of Ellen's "The Twain has left the station" gags must we be forced gag on?
USAToday is almost as bad, after the fact:  "There were no Twain wrecks last night."

First let me say that I must have been watching a completely different version of Idol than the judges were. 
I'd also like to say that I had absolutely ZERO alcohol or other pharmacological substances in my body at the time.  ha ha

My blood sugar was fine, dinner consisted of self-made grilled chicken on spring greens with light, homemade 
balsamic vinaigrette (garlic/no sugar), and club soda. Which leads me to conclude, it wasn't MY IMAGINATION.

Mentor/Music = Shania Twain. Wonder why she never performs live, or when she does 
her songs are always pre-recorded and it's a lip-synch fest? She sure is gorgeous.

Lee DeWyze - You're Still The One - Solid, great way to start the show. Perfect song for him. 
Lee is getting better every week, and I love the vulnerability. He's certainly not pitch-perfect, 
but then I think that's part of his charm. Top three. 

Casey J - Don't - Oh my!!! Purrrrr.....  He gets more luscious every week, except OPEN YOUR EYES 
WHEN THE CAMERA IS ON YOU PLEASE - they're gorgeous.  Love the rasp.   Very sexy.   Top three. 
(I thought the producers got rid of the swaybot seaweed arm forest of no rhythm. Why were they back??)

Tally understands that show business involves looking good.
There's a reason why Carrie Underwood sells more than Ruben Studdard.

Mommasox - No One Needs To Know - As usual, Crystal takes the show to several levels above where everyone 
ever expects it to be. Tonight she came out with her own BAND. Granted, some of the usual Idol suspects were there, 
but she even had a woman on electric mandolin - it was like a contained act - one who had stopped by to shower us 
with talent and professional performing as it should be, in the midst of some weird, music competition. 

Crystal always seems as if she's been a pro since she came out of the womb. It was also awesome that she dedicated it 
to her boyfriend, telling him he should "man-up" and basically propose. Well done, girl! 

Too bad this level confused the judges tonight. I get a feeling the producers are scared that she's SO GOOD, 
there is no mystery on who is actually going to win this competition, so they had to throw her under the bus this week. 
I wonder if they think that will get her less votes, or create a backlash and give her more? Bottom line is, I felt they 
were completely trying to manipulate the vote, and this time they weren't even trying to hide it.

Aaron Kelly - You've Got A Way - Is it my imagination or is he turning into KD Lang? I love KD Lang. 
The difference is, she doesn't live in a basement. She has a life. It shows when she sings. Watching this kid is PAINFUL, 
especially singing a song about SEX, that he dedicated to his.... wait for it.....  mother! WHAT. THE. FUCK!! 

At least he's not a weird mouth-breather like Season 6's David Archuletta.   ha ha

Still. The way the judges barfed praise all over him, SOMEONE must be paying the producers some SERIOUS CASH. 
This totally confirmed my manipulation theory. That was laughable.

Siobhan Magnuss - Any Man Of Mine - WTF was THAT??   HELP ME. She hurt my eyes and ears with that performance. 
Where did they find that outfit?   Camp Goodwill?   It looked like a bad Barbie outfit from the late 70's. 
Then she proceeded to run all over the theatre and proved she can't walk, breathe, and stay on key at the same time. 
Can even help her at this point?

I think Siobhan will be gone tonight, although I don't think I can listen to Aaron one more second.

USAToday mentioned a "study" from that documented that going first is a disadvantage
but going last or second last can be a real boost to getting you further into the contest.


Am I the only one who sees the obvious?
Tally is right - manipulation is the mother's milk of show business.

The producers watch the kids rehearse and they determine the running order that way.
The ones they don't like go early and their favorites go last so you'll have them in mind as you dial.

Methinks the folks at should be reading

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