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Subject: Obama and gulf anger 

Obama needs to kick Bush, Cheney, and Reagan's ass, and everyone who supports deregulation 
for this GLOBAL DISASTER, but that won't FIX IT.   However, seeing them in prison with that 
CEO of BP who want's his life back, would make me feel a whole lot better. 

NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO FIX THIS. Not BP, not Shell, not Exxon, not the US Navy, Coast Guard, 
or broader Military, and certainly not anyone who works in government including the President who has been 
a bit busy playing Mr. Fix It, cleaning up the last 30 years of disaster in the making.

Disagree - totally.
Apparently I get to watch more TV than you because CNN slowed another new method 
of collecting and separating oil and water - they just need to DO IT instead of talking about it.

Bart - you said:

> We have 30 million people who can't find work. 
> We have millions and millions of boats - why not put the two together?

WHO is going to pay and insure them if Obama orders them all to the gulf? 
All the Congress can't even agree to take the limit cap off of BP's liability, 
NOR approve another Jobs bill. WHERE DOES THE MONEY COME FROM?

Ordinarily, those would be important questions, but when our house is on fire, we don't need to 
form a commission to check into the long-term feasibility to see if we can afford a hose to put it out.
We buy the hose, we put the fire out and then later we'll debate hose financing.

The batshit crazy conservatives are still screwing up the world. 
Unfortunately, they own the press, and thanks to the USSC, everything else.

Nothing to disagree with there - thanks.

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