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Subject: Stop being a free shill for the GOP


You are buying into what the GOP are selling, hook, line, & sinker,
and then giving them free publicity. They must LOVE YOU RIGHT NOW.

So far, you haven't said anything - you're just hurling accusations.

No one has asked ME or Tommy about how WE FEEL. Why do you think that is?
Because we'd shoot his poll ratings into outer space, they be so high.

I believe you are misreading the situation.

Nobody's asking you anything because you're sane and that's not what's selling right now.
Right now, "the coming civil war" is what's selling so we're getting it 24/7 and wall-to-wall.

...but you think I shouldn't talk about that?

Or I should talk about it, but only if I agree with you?

What is your position?  You haven't said.

Read the info at this link. REALLY CHECK IT OUT. No, REALLY.

 From Team Obama:
Our strategy for the month was simple: engage the millions of individuals who know we need change to
fight the lies and tell the truth, build support for reform, and ensure that support is highly visible while
members of Congress are home gauging public opinion.

Yeah, and the whole country saw this insane-but-real anger from the I-hate-Blacks crowd.
They seem to be saying August was a good month for Democrats.

Is it possible that they're that tone deaf?
I may be wrong about how much trouble we're in - I might be understating it

We continued our methodical, battle-tested approach of volunteers reaching out online
and offline in every part of the country. We offered the facts, answered questions and
engaged those who were ready to get involved.

And the results were extraordinary.

They sure were - your presidency is in real trouble.
More than the numbers drop, the perception of Obama has turned sour, if you own a TV or radio..
This is a very, real and very serious problem like I've never seen and I'm really old.

This is my first racist wildfire and I don't like it.

Obama is trying to win this war with brains and logic - which won't work against rage and insanity.
Obama needs a wartime consigliere in the worst way but he doesn't realize he's at war.

The last thing this country needs is spineless Harry Reid going to the White House and telling Obama
"You have lost the support of the Democrats in the senate."  You know what the next sentence would be, too.

And please stop being a free shill for the GOP.

There you go again - hurling invectives.
Did you really just call me a shill for the GOP?
I know you're scared - a lot of people are and they have good reason to be.

Obama thinks he's going to win this fight "with our methodical, battle-tested approach of volunteers,"
but a rational, logical explanation is not what's really needed when the house is on fire.

You and Obama say we're not caught up in a racist wildfire ?

I disagree...

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