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What did we really see in that debate?   





Let me start by saying my expectation going into the debate was HOW THE HELL
do you debate a toddler who insists the facts are not indeed THE FACTS?

"Did you break this lamp?"
"You were the only one in the room."
"I have no idea how the lamp broke."
"Do you think it jumped off the table on it's own?"

How do you honestly debate that? You can't. As a parent you can send the child to its room,
making clear that lying and irrational behavior is unacceptable in a civilized society, and that
taking responsibility for your actions is the right, moral, and mature thing to do.

How do you debate jello? Someone who changes their stance in the same sentence? It’s impossible.

Obama did not lose at all. I am completely baffled why people are making excuses, or saying he
lost anything. Honestly. I guess people are distracted by optics, and have lost the art of listening
and understanding English. Or just maybe, everyone's expectations were so out of the realm of reality,
that while waiting for Romney to (I have no idea really) under Obama’s facts, they missed Romney
imploding and going farther into Krazzzytown where the Magic Money Tree grows and the color of
the sky changes hourly under Obama’s facts and existence with the rest of us here on planet Earth.

If you honestly think President Obama lost the debate, I suggest you go back and LISTEN to just
the audio. I'm dead serious. A LOT of people here on the West Coast could only listen to it on the
radio while driving home and wondered WTF the pundits were smoking when they said Romney won.

Romney acted like he was on something, like speed. Maybe sugar. Who knows?
He was overly-aggressive, ignored the debate rules and was clearly desperate to get out his
memorized talking points, no matter if he exceeded the allotted time.

What grown man says that? It was like a 7 year old throwing a tantrum. ME ME ME. MY TURN!!!
I saw and heard that. Did the pundits miss that? Were they all in the bathroom together?

I saw a desperate, sweaty sociopath lie nonstop while accusing (projecting his own behavior on to)
Obama of lying. THAT IS INSANITY. He also verbally bullied not only Leher, and the POTUS,
but also everyone watching who wanted to see a “Presidential” debate, not some weird offshoot
of Survivor. I saw and understood why Ann said her biggest concern was Romney’s mental well-being.
He was on the verge of snapping.

President Obama and Romney both looked down because they were taking notes when the other one
was talking. Obama wrote more. That has happened in every debate EVER. How did everyone suddenly
not understand that. SO WHAT?

This is where Romney dug his own grave, handed Obama the shovel, and crawled into the hole
while begging Obama to cover him quickly.

In Standard Romney Operating Procedure he lied about everything, and changed his position every 45 seconds.

“And the answer is, yes, we can help, but it's going to take a different path, not the one we've been on,
not the one the President describes as a top-down, cut taxes for the rich. That's not what I'm going to do.”
WTF IS ROMNEY SAYING? President Obama wants to RAISE taxes on the rich.

Romney never answered a question with any substantive answer. "I won't explode the debt because
I said I won't." WTF??? He clearly has a Magic Money Tree that behaves and does his bidding because
he is some kind of mighty magician. Obama explained that in the real world, ARITHMETIC doesn't work like that.

"I will cut PROGRAMS." "Programs" isn't some abstract thing that our tax dollars go to, where checks
are written by air, and magically sent to the undeserving bums of the 47%. “Programs” employ millions
of people. American citizens, whose JOB it is to run those “programs” that help everyone from our veterans
and seniors to the underprivileged and handicapped. Basically, Romney opened by saying he was going to
cut millions of those jobs. No one else heard or understood those words and what that meant?
I can’t be the only one who got that.

Romney even contradicted himself over and over, and doubled down on the Medicare lie he’s been
telling for months that has been repeatedly debunked.

I felt sorry for Lehrer. He's from a generation where gentlemen have respect and honor, neither of which
Romney has any concept of whatsoever. I think he was more taken aback by Romney's psycho behavior
more than PBO was, and I could FEEL POTUS's empathy for Lehrer getting steamrolled by such a douchebag,
Lehrer didn't deserve that treatment. We OWE our seniors more respect - and that, to me, spoke VOLUMES
of how Romney doesn't give a flying fuck about anyone other than himself.

I urge everyone to go read the transcript – but have some vodka handy, you’ll need it.

You’re perfectly capable of seeing something and understanding it on your own.

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