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Subject: Focus on the GOP not Obama  

Please beat this into everyone's head:
The Left wish list is endless (peace, civil rights, jobs, strong economy, environmental protections, social security,
health care, fair trade, etc x infinity), while the GOP wish list is one thing only: OBAMA MUST NOT SUCCEED
AT ANYTHING NO MATTER THE PRICE - i.e. OBAMA MUST FAIL (and if the country fails with him, so much the better.)

I haven't said much lately, because I'm just depressed. The Left has gotten so unconsciously good at slitting it's own
collective throat, and most of us can't even see what a gigantic gift that is to the Teabagger Crazies™.  I'm also afraid
everyone is too emotional to realize we are getting EPICALLY PLAYED, and only getting all our information filtered
through the GOP owned media-everything in this country, and can't take off the filter, and see reality for what it is.
It's not easy. We're all pretty immersed in their GOP PROPAGANDA COMPLETE SATURATION pool.

Is Obama perfect? No, but then I never expected him to wave his Magic Harry Potter Wand™ and undo 50 years
of the GOP's organized dismantling of the economy, and subsequent extinction of the Middle Class. (Even though
we all desperately need him to.)

There is a lot he's done I disagree with, and I wish that they would have gone after the war criminals, and that
Bush Co were all in the Hague - but helping our citizens (jobs, economy, healthcare) is more important. You have
to pick your battles. I watched The West Wing, I understand how Washington works, even without the 8 überLobbyiests
per congressperson. And Obama is STILL far and above better than any alternative!

I know you personally, and I totally understand why you say what you say, and agree with you 99.9% of the time,
and I'm pissed off too. I KNOW YOU, so I can hear and see you saying everything you write, IN MY HEAD,
as if we were in VEGAS having a margarita at the Pink Taco with Mrs Bart. (You have no idea how much I
need that to happen right now!!!)

But MANY MANY MANY progressives, a lot of whom are left of Trotsky, will never EVER be happy with ANYONE
on the left who doesn't do every single thing they want, in the order of importance in their head, NO MATTER WHAT.
And when you write, "When will Obama come to work?" all they get from that is "Obama isn't doing anything and is
completely useless." which is as far from the truth as Glenn Beck claiming he handled Washington's speech with his
pudgy, sweaty fingers, and also NOT WHAT YOU SAID.

The bigger problem is the THOUSAND Liberal Blogs, who say far worse, and more often. Taking all those blogs
into consideration (and the train wreck that HuffPo has become recently), the result is everyone now hates Obama,
not because the alternative on the right would be better, but because he isn't doing the fucking impossible.
REMEMBER: THE GOP CONTROLS 90% of the information we get, and most of those blogs are basing their opinion off that information.

I thought TheDieHard's rant was pretty much right on target. My problem isn't with what is being said, on most
progressive blogs, but HOW, and the resulting damage that's being caused by the method. We're rolling over more
by eating our own than those in DC are having to swim with the smarmy GOP lobbyists every day.

This especially hit home for me, since I work for an insurance agent as one of my day gigs:
President Obama is NOT to blame for what everyone from "Greed is Good" Raygun to "Who gives a goddamn
what you think?" Chickenshit stole, fucked up, or ignored.  Great Goddess Bridget, it's not enough that the man
managed, against all odds and obstructionism and seriously heavily-funded opposition, to singlehandedly force one
of the biggest scam industries on the planet to quit charging you ten grand a year and then dropping your coverage
because you had a cold when you were five?

YesYesYes x infinity. We had to PASS A LAW to make it ILLEGAL for a Company to TAKE YOUR MONEY
and not refund any of that money you paid. Apparently, it was LEGAL in America for a company to EMBEZZLE
money from a citizen until March 23rd, 2010. (At least in regards to healthcare.)

Do I wish we could put them all out of business and have Universal Health Care? YES. I witness this WAR from the
inside on a daily basis. The Health Insurance Cartel spent enough money trying to defeat this, that they could have paid
for everyone in the US to have health care for FIVE YEARS. They're still fighting it, and a lot of the new laws go into
effect this month, yet they are dragging their feet, and still raising rates. This fight is far from over, and for the GOP
who ARE ON THEIR PAYROLL, it means lots of $$$$$$$$ if they can get elected and overturn it. Otherwise, come
2014 when the exchanges get set up and are operational, any Insurance Company who wants to be included had better
not have tried to screw the public in the time leading up to that, because there is no guarantee they will be included in
the exchange. But they're still fighting this RIGHT NOW, because the GOP have PROMISED THEM NOT TO WORRY
 - Obama's Health Care Reform will be trashed 30 seconds after they all take over.

WHY? Because the Health Insurance Cartel know this is the beginning of the end for them. While many on the LEFT
are madder than a wet cat because they see this as a "gift to the insurance industry", they couldn't be more wrong.
How? Those exchanges will include non-profit, REGULATED companies (that all the Insurance Companies used to
be before Reagan fucked it all up, gutted regulations, and allowed them to sell stock and put profit ahead of your
health care.) Those non-profits will be able to offer much better plans for far less, because they're not selling stock,
and have no CEOs that get paid $12 MILLION PER YEAR. The Health Insurance Cartel does not want this to
happen because they know they'll be forced to compete, and that's the last thing they want.

And that's just one thing Obama has done. There's a ton more, but unless you are reading about it at,
you won't hear about it because the fucking GOP OWNS THE GODDAMN MEDIA.

You said in your response to him: "Voters want to see him working on JOBS and nothing else."

Yes, he actually IS, and the GOP keep voting against a jobs/stimulus bill. They do NOT want a National Public
Works bill to go through not because it won't help, creating MILLIONS of jobs nationwide, because that would
actually SAVE THE ECONOMY and they cannot have Obama HELP THE COUNTRY IN ANY WAY
(even though he has been) because that would mean the end of the GOP forever.

Yes, there are voters who want Obama to do ONLY JOBS,  there are other voters that want ONLY Bush & Cheney i
n the Hague, or ONLY the Environment, or GET RID OF FREE TRADE, or ONLY THE GULF, IRAQ,
AFGHANISTAN, <your #1 Progressive Cause Here> x infinity.

We on the left are not only pathetic at organizing, we can't play well together, always focus on the negative,
blame everyone but ourselves, and there are so many varying degrees of "On The Left" because everyone else
is now completely batshit crazy.

Yes, everyone voted for CHANGE. But from the moment Obama took office, we never really had the
Progressive Army in DC to give us that change, and Obama doesn't work alone. We never had 60 votes
in the Senate not even for a minute.

60 minus Joe Liberman (I-R fucker) = 59
Minnesota had one less Senator until Al Franken was finally seated on JULY 7th!  = 58
Ted Kennedy was ill, then died on 8/25/09 = 57 (now an R holds that seat.)
And how many Blue Dogs are there? 8? 10?
And how many more are owned by the corporations?


It's a fucking miracle that Obama has accomplished all he has considering the fact we on the left
not only FAILED to give him a team in Congress to actually work with, but we repeatedly whine
about not getting our Perfect Progressive Pony in the magical color we ordered on Inauguration Day,
and constantly stab him in the back.

Remember: The Left wish list is endless, while the GOP wish list is one thing only:

I know there are a lot of people on the Left who want Obama to get angry and go all gangster on the GOP,
and if it was anyone else, he probably could. But that is EXACTLY what the TeabaggerCrazies™ want.
Then they'll run that 24/7 on every station with Palin screaming he's unstable and likely to rape your daughter.
I know this makes no sense, but watch the movie Invictus and you'll get a better understanding about why he must rise above it.

Is it wrong of him to reach across the aisle? NO. They whine he doesn't even when he does, and it would make him
more like them if he didn't. I don't want him to be like them, because he's a billion times better than them. And every
time he does reach, he makes them look smaller, and shows to the world what five year old brats they are.

It would also take him to their level and that's the last thing I want.  They can't even hope to reach his level of grace,
class, and intelligence, because evolution is more than a theory, it's solid science FACT, and they're proof it works
in reverse, because they've managed to crawl back into the mire.

HE CAN'T go gangster, but the rest of the LEFT CAN, and should, especially those pathetic spine-free
models we sent to DC to have the POTUS's back. I don't see that happening, but that's OUR FAULT,
SHOULD REPLACE THEM. Alan Grayson is trying, but he's just one guy. One awesome guy,
but we need 500 Alan Graysons.

Like Howard Dean said last week: It's ABOUT WINNING.

It's also about the economy, and the USSC. It's about NOT LETTING THE GOP TAKE OVER ANYTHING.
If we can fucking manage to NOT FUCK THIS UP (like you keep saying, "...should I even finish that sentence?)
and hold on to both houses, then come 2012, let Joe Biden retire (as much as I love him), make Hillary the
VP candidate, so she can run in 2014, we might actually FIX THIS FIFTY YEAR FUCK UP.

Look at what Obama & Hillary have accomplished this week alone with the Middle East Peace Talks!
That is A HUGE deal EVERYWHERE ELSE ON THE PLANET except HERE because the GOP
doesn't own the rest of the world press because the rest of the world isn't as brain dead stupid as we are here.

But if we on the left, don't start solidifying, and can stop stabbing our own in the back and concentrate
and ORGANIZE, and not allow anyone to stay home and not vote, or not vote for the LEFT, because it's
become somehow fashionable to whine about Obama, we are in for a world out of your most horrid nightmare.

If the GOP take over anything, then we have no one to blame but ourselves since we are the ones who gave
this POTUS a team of spineless wimps to work with, then blame him when he can't pull a perfect world out of his ass.

What's the answer? How can we all help? Maybe we start getting all those blogs to start posting
ACCOMPLISHMENTS, instead of screaming about what Obama isn't doing, and screaming about all
the negative like his advisors, etc x infinity. Scream about how to making the rest of the DEMS vote
with the POTUS. Scream that we're not the FREAKS ON THE RIGHT. SCREAM about the GOP
stopping everything Obama and the left are trying to actually DO - health care, jobs, taxes, etc....

TL:DR - MAKE IT ABOUT THE GOP FUCK UPS NOT OURS. Theirs are a thousand times worse,
but you'd never know it because we are too busy demanding a million different perfections from Obama
and as a result we're destroying ourselves.


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