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Tally's American Idol Primer

Once upon a time, I was very proud to be part of the few on the planet NOT sucked in to American Idol. 
That was until Chris Daughtry came along. One night, while helping a friend set up a sound studio, we took a 
break to grab some quick take-away food. We were channel surfing and eating, and came across the train wreck 
that are the audition shows. We thought we'd watch for a quick laugh, and then Daughtry walked on and sang The Letter. 
With that one song, we were in.

Over the past four years of watching Idol, my faves have been, Chris Daughtry, Melinda Doolittle, David Cook, and last year, 
Chris Allen. I guess I have a pretty decent track record so far, though my luck in Vegas has sucked recently, so who knows?

I think the most exciting year was Season 7, with Irish Carly Smithson, Aussie Michael Johns, the wonderful Jason Castro 
who sang Memory and Hallelujah so brilliantly, and of course, Cougar-bait David Cook. However, I could never understand 
how David Archuleta got so far. Maybe I really have no clue at all.

This season, I'm not sure if I'm in or out. I'm a little burned out on the show, and without Paula's insanity, it's been different. 
That said, I think the addition of Ellen is brilliant. She's honest, and funny, and Simon knows he cannot get away with belittling her, 
as he did Paula. Kara is not as annoying as she was last year - at least not yet.

I have to say - THANK THE GODS FOR TIVO! How on Earth would I function if I didn't have this magical device??? 
This week's two reveal shows have been some of the most painful in television history. They have to fill three hours to introduce 
24 finalists, so we're not only subjected to endless Coke and Ford commercials, past footage we've seen a million times, 
but the judges stretching out the YOU......(a pause Harold Pinter would cringe at) .............ARE....... IN/OUT - to the point of farce. 
I love my FF button!! 

I also LOVE the new Old Spice body wash ad campaign - Hello Ladies. Look at your man. Now back to me. 
Now back at your man. Now back to ME. OH. MY. GOD. BEST AD of 2010!!!! I'm on a horse.

So - Season 9 Top 24:

Is Big Mike IN or OUT? On Wednesday the web was a buzz with reports that his father had leaked out that his son had made 
the top 24 before the airing of the show - which is a huge breach of the confidentiality agreement, and because of this, Big Mike 
(awesome RnB singer who became a long-distance first time father in the middle of one of the episodes - which is a producer's 
wet dream), had been dropped from the show. Well last night when they announced SEASON NINE'S TOP 24 - Big Mike 
was still in the mix, and is also still on the AI website as being in the top 24.

I'm in if Big Mike is in. As of now, there's not much to be excited about, but then it's early in the season, and we haven't really 
seen them all. Just like last year, when Chris Allen came out of nowhere since there was absolutely zero footage of him from the 
audition process, there are faces which I don't remember seeing - of course, I've been busy rewatching all five seasons of LOST
so I haven't caught every minute of the AI season up until now either.

The ones I think are interesting and worth watching:
Big Mike Lynche - Very solid pipes and presence, I think he'll easily make top 10.
Andrew Garcia - One of my faves since he sang Paula's Straight Up and improved it by a bazillion%. 
      Amazing style, very interesting dude. I think he will also be in the top 10.
Crystal Bowersox - A blonde, mellow, Janis Joplin. Love this girl. Guitar, harmonica, bluesy and brilliant. (Except please cut down 
     on the smoking and clean your teeth! You've got way too much potential to be ignoring something so basic.)
Lilly Scott - White Haired, sober Amy Winehouse.( ha ha ) Very unique.

I also like Katie Stevens - a 17 year old, white chick with the pipes of Etta James, and Casey James
- a sexy surfer dude who I think is going to surprise everyone.

My luck they'll all get voted off the island by St Patrick's Day and I'll be bored out of my mind.

email Tally at

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