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American Idol 
 by Tally   (This came in pre-show ) Thursday

Crystal Bowersox = win.

I've never seen the judges be so fucking schizophrenic and contradictory in giving out notes. 
Change the song, don't change it.... S.T.F.U.! 

Guys - 
I like Big Mike, but not a good song for him this week - he was good, but ever since Christina 
sang it at the '07 Grammys, I don't want anyone else to sing Man's World. Big Mike is good, but not WOW. 

Andrew Garcia is good, but no where near his Straight Up moment, and I'm not sure he'll ever get back there. 
Casey James is pretty, but starting to bore me.
Still really like Todrick Hall but they are out to make him tank - don't know why. 
LOVED him last week and they beat on him hard.

Girls - 
Lilly Scott is good, but starting to bore me, and no where in the same league as Crystal.
Katie Stevens rocks but they need to let Katie be Katie which means be Etta James, and sing Sinatra songs. 
So, again, I wish they'd S.T.F.U.

It's Crystal's to lose - or soar above like Daughtry.

Bye bye = Jermaine Sellers, John Park, Michelle Delamor, and Haeley Vaughn (who needs to fix that lisp.)

email Tally at

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