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Tally's Idol Review 

Idol – And then there were 10

This week’s mentor = Usher. 
Ok, not as young as Ms Cyrus, but still, he’s no Quincy Jones. 

Disclaimer: Tivo is my friend. I love the Fast Forward button, because I could care less 99% of the time about the 
personal interest back-stories of these people. This is a singing competition, not who has spent more of their life in 
a cave than Kellie Pickler. I also rarely watch the mentor sessions, unless it’s someone who could really be a mentor, 
and actually be able to give some advice about singing that would help: Stevie Wonder (season 5), Tony Bennett 
(season 6), Bono (season 6), Dolly Parton (season 7), Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber (season 7), Smokey Robinson
(season 8), Jamie Foxx (season 8.) But when it’s someone like Quentin Tarantino?? 
Sorry, no, I’ve got to get thru this so I can watch LOST.

Top 10 does R + B

Siobhan Magnus – Through the Fire - What happened there? The girl has pipes, but there are a few notes in her 
mid range she can’t hit (or couldn’t this week.) Too bad this song required them. First time she’s been boring. 
And I’m with Simon – her signature screech is old.

Casey James – Hold On, I’m Coming – Best night he’s had. Is he the dark horse this year?

Big Mike Lynche – Ready For Love – Very good performance. Really enjoyed the big man just sitting and playing guitar.

Didi Benami – What Becomes of the Brokenhearted – omg. wake. me. up.

Tim Urban – Sweet Love  - This was even worse than Didi’s performance if that was possible. How is this guy still on the show? 
He seems very sweet, and I feel bad for him that he’s this bad on national TV. I’m glad that he smiles when they bash him, 
even though they question it. What do they expect him to do, stab himself in the head? Grovel that he is unworthy? 

Andrew Garcia – Forever – HE’S BACK. Loved it. I wish the judges would STFU about “personality”, etc. 
All that kind of advice just confuses people. Can he sing? Yes. Can he perform? Yes. 

Katie Stevens – Chain of Fools – She’s also back. I keep saying it, but it’s worth repeating: This little white girl has 
Etta James pipes. Let her SING. Stop telling her to be “young”, “commercial”, and “pop-ee.” She’s not. That’s not why 
you let her thru. She auditioned with At Last, and blew your minds, and that’s why you loved her initially. Stop trying to FIX her. 
Katie, please, please, please, stop listening to anything the judges say. Pick songs that you love the hell out of and sing your face off. 
Chanteuse on girl!

Lee DeWyze – Treat Her Like A Lady – Hell yeah! Awesome. More of that please.

Crystal Bowersox – Midnight Train to Georgia  - Perfect, sexy, spectacular. Loved the very end when she whispered, 
“I love you” to someone just off stage as the lights went down. Every week she nails it. She’s in another league. 
She needs her own tour. The Idol producers should hire HER as the next mentor.

Aaron Kelly – Ain’t No Sunshine  - Now this guy, is young. I believe Katie when she sings; her age doesn’t bother me. 
This guy is creepy when he sings songs like this. He doesn’t “know” to leave the young thing alone. 
I will say he’s nowhere near as annoying as David Archuleta.

Sad they can’t boot off Didi and Emo Urban both this week. 


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