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Tally's Idol Review 

Idol – And then there were 9

Thank you TIVO. Paul McCartney. Really? 60 seconds is all Fox could afford? 
He looks even older with that hair, but he’s Paul McCartney, so what’s an aging rocker supposed to do? 
I can’t think of any rocker from his generation who is aging gracefully. 
Sting and Bono are not from that generation, and are AMAZING at aging.

I don’t care what everyone thinks of everyone else; Fast Forward button, you are my BFF.

1. Aaron Kelly – The Long And Winding Road - zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 
Why does he continue to sing songs he can know remotely nothing about? 
The problem isn’t that he isn’t an old soul – he’s not even a young soul. 
It’s as if he’s still living in some bubble of his parent’s basement somewhere. 
And it was pitchy as hell. Horrible way to start off the show with something so sleep inducing.

2. Katie Stevens – Let It Be – Simple, timeless song choice, she sang her face off, demonstrating once again
her fabulous pipes. Nice pink Barbie dress. While I don’t agree with the judges that it was her best performance, 
(At Last is still her best, and no, she thankfully, finally, ignored everything you’ve told her that completely fucked
her up so badly), it was very solid.

3. Andrew Garcia – Can’t Buy Me Love – He had fun, I had fun, very solid. Andrew, keep the guitar.

4. Michael Lynch – Eleanor Rigby – Oh noooooz! It’s waaaaaaay too soon to do this after David Cook totally
hit this one out of the park two years ago. While I was huge on the Big Mike Bus, I’ve been finding myself clearly 
on the curb for him lately. This did not work for me, and inspired Tommy and I to pause the show, grab the MacBook 
and lookup David’s performance on YouTube. Awesome! Then we watched his Billie Jean – EPIC Awesome. 
This year, tthere has not been a single Chris Daughtry “Walk The Line” or David Cook “Eleanor Rigby” or “Billie Jean” 
(or practically any other song he sang in season 7) MOMENT, that made you want to save the episode, and re-watch 
the performance again and again. Crystal has come close, and I downloaded one of her songs, but he’s right. 
We haven’t had one of those moments yet.

5. Crystal MamaSox – Come Together – More Awesome. Didgeridoo = WIN. She did however, goof her lyrics,
and for the first time in Idol history (that I’ve seen anyway) not one of the judges mentioned it. I know I didn’t care, 
she could mumble and scat her way thru a song and I’d love it. She is in another league that the rest of the cast of season 9.

6. Tim (vote for the worst) Urban – All My Loving – Perfect song choice, and I have to say, he rocked it. 
Tim really has some spine! To be this gracious when you’re the guy who has lasted this long with,
is very impressive. I also think this performance totally backfired for Vote For The Worst, since he clearly was good, 
and dare I even say it? Might be getting better.

Actually, never mind, I LIKE YOU MUCH BETTER, and I already kinda liked Casey, but if YOU STAY, 
that would be AWESOME. Acoustic guitar + cello = WIN. Best male performance of the night.

8. Siobhan Ryan – Across The Universe – Nice.   Didn’t scream. My ears didn’t bleed. And she’s so pretty. 
Vocal with solo piano worked for me. 

9. Lee Dewyze – Hey Jude – Bagpipes ANYTIME, ANYWHERE for ANY REASON = EPIC WIN. 
Yes, the performance was a little all over the place – it still rocked. He’s getting better every week, and Bagpipe Man, 

Aaron should be going home tonight. (ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!), 

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