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Tally's Idol Review

 Idol – 8.5

Once again I thank thee, Oh Great and Powerful Gods of TIVO and the blessings of the Fast Forward button. Hail unto thee, hail hail hail.

Elvis. From the Viva Elvis stage at the Aria in Vegas. Really?

Adam Lambert is a sweet guy, but all I managed to hear as far as his mentoring skills was directing for musical theatre
– which he has extensive experience at, and is a union member. However, any former Idol competitor just doesn’t ring true 
as far as mentoring goes – FOR ME. (EDIT: After having read the review over at – perhaps I should have listened more. 
However, it was a very important LOST Hugo episode with the returned hot-Scot Desmond, and lovely Libby, so my Idol time was limited.)

Crystal Bowersox –Saved – Improvement on the Elvis version. Needs her own show. Now. 

Andrew Garcia – Hound Dog – I FF’d thru mentorland. Did Adam tell him to lose the guitar? I say slated for Logan’s Run tonight.

Big Mike Lynch – In The Ghetto – Awesome choice. Awesome performance. Perfect. I’m back at the bus stop. Not quite back on it yet.

Tim Urban – Can’t Help Falling In Love – Me too. OMG. He’s been pod-snatched as well! YAAAAY! Love this new one. Amazing. 
Please stay. I watched it twice. Lovely, sweet, vulnerable, and dare I say it? Sexy! He looked hot, and not like the usual emo-kid. 
I’ll say it again: In spite of being the record holder at, he’s got amazing grace. Especially after Ryan calls him 
“Turban” and then is a complete douche who guy-waltzes with some dude twice his size in the audience. WTF, why? 

Aaron Kelly – Blue Suede Shoes – Speaking of emo-what-the-fuck-was-that-and-why-is-he-still-here????????
And why was he in costume? Logan’s Run. Simon’s critique nails it, he gets booed and it’s so obvious 
he no longer cares and cannot wait for the season to end.

That's a good point.
Simon's made his $500M and he wants the fuck out.

Katie Stevens – Baby What Do You Want Me To Do – Loved it. Exactly where she should be – backed up with jazzy brass. 
At this point, the judges have done enough damage, and I just hope she stays true to her Etta James self. Fuck ‘em. (Ok, less accessories would help.)

I agree about the brass - it makes it seem like something exciting is going on
and most of these wannabes need that in spades.

Lee DeWyze – A Little Less Conversation – Loved it. I don’t have any idea what Kara meant by being “more playful.” 
I thought it was raw sexy. Maybe she needs to have Wild Crazy Monkey Sex and have her hair pulled more.

Siobhan Magnus – Suspicious Minds –Why sing into the camera with your back to the audience as an opening “hook”? 
It vexes me. I’m terribly vexed. Hated the first half, loved the second, except when she shrieked my ears into bleeding again.

Casey James – Lawdy Miss Clawdy – Second week of pod-snatched New And Improved Casey J. Yummy, yummy, yummy. 

I’d like to personally thank Michael Slezak at for:

“(Let me pause here for a second to send a special thanks to Idol executive producer Ken Warwick. Earlier this week, in a 
brief telephone conversation, I implored him to pull the plug on the studio Swaybots. And while he couldn't promise to totally 
nix those synchronized ghouls, he did promise me that he'd make sure his director aimed the camera upwards, to make sure 
those side-to-side arms didn't impede our view of the performances. And aside from a few wide-angle glimpses tonight, 
the Swaybots went 0-for-9 on the evening. Which is something worth celebrating — perhaps with a nice glass of champs, darlings!)”

Thank you Michael! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A glass of Moet for you.

Here are my wishes this week for getting voted off of Kodak Island:    Aaron and Andrew


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