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Tally's Idol Recap
Frank AND Harry!!!! 

FINALLY - songs worth singing, and the NOLA Jazz/Swing Maestro to mentor, arrange AND BACK UP!!! 
How could any of them suck? 

Theoretically, this should be like performing an aerial trapeze act with Cirque du Soleil in a nerf room with a net, 
and bungee safety straps on. There is no fail.

I'm happy to announce I actually watched 95% of the show. I worship Frank and Harry. There are no words. 
Harry is probably the best mentor the show has ever had. I have an idea! Hire Harry next year to do exactly 
THIS every week. That would ROCK, and people might actually learn something about, oh, I don't know, MUSIC.

How cool would it be to tour New Orleans with Harry? These kids get to perform with him! Fuck me running.   
I'm an actor. I'm also (was) a dancer. I can't sing, so I do mostly Shakespeare. I firmly believe even I would feel like 
I owned the world if I had Harry helping me and backing me up. HOLY GODS!!! I could writhe around in a red dress 
on a piano like Michelle Pfeiffer.

Aaron Kelly - is still here, and sings my favorite Sinatra song in the universe - Fly Me To The Moon. EPIC FAIL.
He is waaaaaaaaay out of his depth, has no idea why these words exist, much less why they are strung together to 
make a song, and why Frank made this such a hit. The judges worship at his feet. WHO IS PAYING THEM???? 

I am obviously not watching the same show or drinking the same CokeKoolaid. What is in those new cups anyway? 
Aaron should never be allowed to sing anything outside of Mowgli's songs from Disney's The Jungle Book until he 
gets laid, and even then I'm not sure if he could make them entertaining. I don't think he's even masturbated EVER.  ha ha
He's the most a-sexual thing I think I've ever seen. It's creepy, and unnatural. 

I'm sure Wayne Newton had more sex appeal when he was a tot.

Casey J - Blue Skies - He's pitchy, but I don't mind. I love the old, aging, smoke-ravaged voice of mature Frank 
much better than the young crooner version. Older Frank owned his songs because he had lived them. Young Frank 
was pretty, and sounded nice. Yawn. Casey has lived some. He's not Disney clean, he's on a horse. I like that. I wish 
he hadn't pulled the hair back. He's nervous, and can't get out in front of the song, as much as I want him to. Still. I like it. 
I love the arrangement. He's better than Aaron. But a rock is better than Aaron. Harry says he nailed it in rehearsal. 
I can see him owning this song. The judges kill him. Again, I'm watching a different show. 

Mommasox - Summer Wind - Love her. Love her back ink. Love the dress. She's channeling Spotlight Barbie with dreads. 
She is awesome. The song starts a little too soft for all the music behind it (sound mixer's fault), but it builds nicely, and she 
AGAIN, is a PROFESSIONAL out there, and doesn't look or sound out of place in front of Harry & Co. What kind of music 
can't she do? The judges are bored. Nothing new... blah blah blah. WTF? Really? What do you want her to do? Give birth??? 
Have pyrotechnics come flying out of her hair? Crystal is by and large the only reason Idol wasn't cancelled mid season this year. 
And this one is "just okay"????? What are these people drinking? I love what she says to them afterwards....  "It's a soft song 
that you're singing to your lover." Nailed it. Even Frank starts and ends the song soft. I loved it. I would have rather seen her sit 
at the piano with just Harry - and sing One For My Baby. That would have been EPIC. Fuck it. I'D STILL LIKE TO SEE THAT PLEASE.

Big Mike - who I forgot to mention last week because he sucked the life out of me... [I must say, I was so on board
the Big Mike Bus from the beginning, and now I'm just bored.] Big Mike comes out with a Frank hat. Is that magically 
going to make you interesting? He sings The Way You Look Tonight - one of the sexiest Sinatra songs EVER. I don't feel it. 
He sounds okay, except for the weird nervous vibrato which makes him seem like he too, is out of his depth. It is emotion-free. 
I feel no sexy. How is that possible? He's just singing words, not telling any woman how freaking HAWT she is. (Which was 
the note from Harry - that he did not take with him into this performance.) This is a song about how weak a man can feel at 
the sight of a gorgeous woman. He mumbles the best line - "wrinkles your nose" - and there's no SWING. The judges worship him. 
I clearly need a sip of their happy juice. I am watching a different show. 

I realize during Big Mike's performance, that all the guys so far are following the band (like karaoke) 
instead of letting the band follow them. 

Isn't that what Frank did better than anybody?
Frank made the words and the timing his bitch.
Frank sang what he wanted WHEN he wanted to sign it.
He didn't wait for permission from the song.

Lee Dewyzeb  - That's Life - FINALLY. Well, this is perfect for Lee. As Harry says, he is a new and (not sure about yet) 
improved, him. LOVE THIS.   He lays it down. He owns it.   The band follows him. Awesome arrangement - but then, they've 
all been awesome arrangements - it's HARRY CONNICK JR for fuxsake.  Lee is definitely the best of the night. 
The judges agree. Has their Disney boring juice worn off? 

Watching this makes me want Harry Connick to have his own show.   

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