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Tally's Idol Review 

American Idol has officially jumped the shark.

Mentor = Myley Cyrus = WTF?

With the sole exception of Crystal, this was Karaoke night., 
And Simon Cowell was the only one watching the same show I was. 

Lee Dewyze - Joe Cocker’s note-for-note version of The Letter = Karaoke.   (40 years old) 

And they failed to mention that Alex Chilton, the guy who sang The Letter, died last week.

Paige Miles - Train wreck version of Against All Odds that was unwatchable.    (25 years old)
Drunk karaoke singers and dogs everywhere were crying.  ha ha
Tim Urban- (had no right EVER to sing) Queen’s Crazy Little Thing Called Love,   (35 years old)
   hoping to be Elvis I suppose….. time I will never get back.
Andrew Garcia was broken by Myley who made him put down his guitar and do a completely 
   off-the-rails K-A-R-A-O-K-E version of  Heard it Through the Grapevine(40 years old)
a song he should have been able to slay in his sleep – had he had his acoustic guitar.

Mike Lynch – karaoke version of When A Man Loves a Woman. Predictable.  (45 years old)
Aaron Kelly – sang something….. oh yeah, Don’t Want To Miss A Thing, very well,  (Orig sung by 55 year old)
   considering he was ill butzzzzzzzzzzz. He just bores me stupid.
Didi Benami – Slowed down You’re No Good. If that was possible.  (40 years old)
Casey James – Power of KARAOKE than Hughie Lewis did it.   (25 years old))
Katie Stevens – The judges have officially turned her into Myley Cyrus and now she sucks. 
(She did a song from 2 years ago - Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry)
(She did Bobby McGee, from 45 years ago)
Casey and Katie were the only ones to pick songs from their lifetime - interesting.

I could care less who leaves tonight. Even if it’s Crystal, it just means that most people have already bailed, 
and she can go make money and not have to deal with a soul sucking tour. You can see Simon counting the minutes 
until he doesn’t have to think about chewing his own arm off to get off that set.

Vote for the is telling people to vote for cute loser Tim Urban.

How long can VFTW keep the non-singer around?

Idol is down 10% this season while Dancing with the Stars was up 10% for their premier.

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