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Tally's Idol Results Recap 
Harry Connick Jr just made my entire WEEK. I never thought it was possible to love him more, but I do.

I actually WATCHED the results show, which I never do, because of Harry. I know people who have been lucky enough 
to see him live. It's on my list. He's performing in some vineyards at the end of summer - HOW PERFECT IS THAT???

Loved how he called out Big Mike for Baby pimping. THANK YOU. That was cool when it happened, 
but Mike's beaten that horse into glue. At this point it just smacks of desperation. Like that hat.

Loved Harry's humor. LOVED the part where he was getting on Crystal for what he thought was a phone call 
and it was her INSULIN PUMP - and his reaction. Make fun of the diabetic girl. HE IS SO HILARIOUS!!! 
And so smart. Love the whole thing about stop using the word pitchy - you're off key. "Pitchy" doesn't help. 
It's not "constructive" criticism. Are you sharp or flat? Hello - it makes a difference! 
Love his getting on Ellen's case constantly (they're good friends), and that he's funnier than her - without writers.

Casey sounded LIKE FRANK on that show!!! OH. MY. GOD. I heard it  while I was getting food together, 
and wasn't looking at the screen - I stopped and thought WTF WAS THAT? Has Frank come back from the dead? 
WHO WAS THAT??? And had to backup the tivo and watch it - CASEY!!! HOLY COW! 
Too bad he had such a bad Tuesday - especially compared with how awesome he was on Wed. WOW!
And how hot is Crystal? And how wonderful is Crystal and Lee and Casey all together? LOVE!!! 

Mike needs to go home next. 

Harry made the show AMAZING, and knows MUSIC more than all four of the judges put together. 
He should be the new Simon. Funny, smart, experienced..... LOVE HIM.

And how hot was And I Love Her????? FUCK ME!! PLEASE! It was so awesome it made me draw 
a complete blank as to WHO originally sang it, because I could not longer hear the original version in my head. 
That sax!!!! OMG. 

20 minutes later it came to me. Harry does it better. He's Harry.

Oh yeah, and Aaron can go back to his basement until the tour when he's going to sing songs 
from The Jungle Book, and Pinocchio, because let's face it, Peter Pan is too mature for him.

Next week is Film Music - I want Crystal to sing Stay With Me from The Rose, 
and out-Bette Bette. it will never happen, but it should.

Harry sang And I Love Her the way Frank would've sung it.
I was impressed.

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