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Tally's Idol Review 

Is anyone in this competition other than CRYSTAL BOWERSOX???


Notice Crystal has NO stage fright - at all.
Even when Ryan is about to tell her if she stays or goes, she's cool & calm.

Ok, ok – girls –

Katie Stevens – Still love her, but I think the judges have ruined her beyond saving. 
She needs to go back to singing what she’s best at: Etta James, Billy Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, 
Sinatra, and whomever she WANTS and tell them all to go fuck themselves.

Siobhan Magnus – Great version of House of the Rising Sun. †Top 10.

Lacey Brown – The Story – AWESOME. Sounds like the song was written for her. 
Would be nice if she has more moments like this, but I think we won’t see it. Her niche is pretty small.

Katelyn Epperly – tries Carol King – zzzzzzzzzzzzz should be going home.

DiDi Benami – NEVER EVER SING STEVIE - NOT EVER. Judges love it. No idea why.

Paige Miles – going home HOW IS SHE STILL ON THE SHOW???

CRYSTAL BOWERSOX – improves Give Me One Reason by 1-gabillion%. †Owns the show. OWNS. IT
Send everyone else home now, and make this a showcase for her and her songs for the rest of the season. 
I downloaded it from iTunes. It must be brilliant.

Lilly Scott – does Patsy Cline. I still love her, but she’s sounding the same. 

BOYS (should all go home, CRYSTAL has kicked your ass and wiped the floor with you.)

Lee Dewyse – kinda cute but zzzzzzzzzzzz

Alex Lambert – Emo MULLET. GOING. Home.

Tim Urban – Emo powers his way thru Hallelujah – hugest mistake of the night because I remember 
Jason Castro OWNING THAT SONG. Cut your hair and go home. HOW IS HE STILL HERE?

Andrew Garcia – Nice version of Genie In A Bottle considering he only had 90 seconds. 
Back almost to Straight Up. Well done. Top 10.

Casey EyeCandy – Very pretty, nice pipes. Boring. Top 10

Aaron Kelly – How did this child ever make it on this show? Zzzzzzzzz don’t care. WHY IS HE STILL HERE?

Todrick Hall – Has balls of TITANIUM for attempting Somebody To Love. 
I am of the school you NEVER EVER SING FREDDIE unless you can blow my mind. 
Todrick gets all gospel with it, and it works. Shock. The judges are kind. Top 10. 
HOW IS HE GOING HOME???? Worst season EVER. I blame the schizophrenic judges.

Big Mike SINGS KATE BUSH – EPIC. First time I’ve heard a Kate Bush song on the show – maybe I Fast Forward too much. 
Loved Kara crying. If he keeps this up, he should be #2 to CRYSTAL BOWERSOX, but is not good enough to open for her – yet.

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