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Tally's Lost Review 

LOST  6.08


Atlantis/Sideways Timeline (2004)

Sawyer/Ford is in bed with a hottie, and pulls the 
Oops-I-Spilled-All-This-Money-That-You-Weren’t-Supposed-To-See-On-Your-Bed move. 

Hottie pulls a gun on Ford and says, “Nice try, but I’m married to a con man, do you think I’m stupid?” 
Ford says, “Yes you are stupid, because I’m a detective and the place is bugged and surrounded by cops.” 
Hottie doesn’t buy it and cocks the gun. Ford says the Magic Break The Door Down Word, “La Fleur” 
and in comes the cavalry lead by Miles who is his partner. SWEET.

Miles’s father (Dr Pierre “Dharma” Chang, aka Dr Marvin Candle, Dr Mark Wickmund, and Dr Edgar Halliwax
from Island Timeline), works at a “museum” with Charlotte who Miles sets Ford up with on a date. 

On said date they have WildCrazyMonkeySex and Charlotte accidentally finds James’s I HATE SAWYER scrapbook
while looking for a t-shirt and noticing another appearance of Watership Down on his dresser. He goes insane and kicks her 
out at 3am. Next morning, as Charlie’s brother is looking for him at the LAPD office, Miles (who must be more psychic in 
this world since he has no Daddy Issues like he does in Island Timeline, and therefore makes a great detective) busts Ford 
for lying about being in Sydney. Oops. 

Ford has a lonely night watching Little House on the Prairie and takes a Sunflower and a six-pack over to 
Charlotte’s place – she says “You must be kidding, GTFO.” kicking his ass to the curb. 

Next morning Ford comes clean with Miles about how his dad killed himself and his mom because of 
ConDouche Sawyer, and if he finds him he will KILL HIM. So, Ford never carried around a letter
– but he has the Special Book Of Hate anyway and shows it to Miles. Then a car crashes into them, 
driver jumps out and runs, they chase, Ford catches Kate. Oh dear. 

Island Timeline A (2007)
Jin says he’s not going anywhere without Sun, Sawyer promises they won’t. Sayid seems either wasted 
out of his mind or possessed by Jacob. Claire is crazy and goes feral on Kate. SmLocke slaps Claire and says, 
BAD GIRL. Kate wonders how she got into CampCrazy. 

SmLocke has Sawyer run RECON over to Hydra Island where he gets an audience with Widmore who has a sub,
and is setting up an Anti Smoke Monster sonic fence. He makes a deal with Widmore that if he and his peeps can 
get off The Island unmolested, he’ll lead SmLocke into Widmore’s hands.

Once back on The Island he tells SmLocke the deal he made with Widmore. 

Sawyer tells Kate he’s on his own side, and will play whomever he can to get off this island.  

Smlocke whines to Kate that it’s his fault Claire has gone Rousseau. He says he’s not dead, and that 
all he wants is to get off the island. He tells her his mother was crazy. Poor SmLocke.

Claire finds Kate and sobs on her shoulder apologizing.

Sawyer tells Kate they’re going to leave on the sub. 


Atlantis/Sideways Timeline (2004)
How did Dr Chang get off the island/survive the Atlantis-ing of The Island?

If Anthony Cooper is still a Douche Conman, then how does Locke have a relationship with him, and how
did he get in that wheelchair? (Remember the nice happy family photos at Helen & John’s place?)

As for Ford running into Kate and helping her at the airport – kind of weird, but he wasn't supposed to even 
be at LAX, so I'm not sure he had any other choice. If she's busted at LAX when he's around, he's a witness, 
and he's busted for going to Sydney. (What was James thinking going to Sydney? YOUR PARTNER IS PSYCHIC. HELLO?)
Now that that trip is out of the bag, things may be different. She may have blackmail leverage because his helping her 
at LAX makes him an accessory. Hmmm..... It will be interesting to see what happens. Maybe we're getting an entire 

Island Timeline A (2007)
So, SmLocke has mommy issues? I kind of thought this was a hint to his identity. I don't mean psychologically, 
I mean as in who is he really - what "character/persona" are they basing Smokey on.... but I have another theory 
about this which I will go into momentarily... 

Sawyer has made it abundantly clear; he’s on his own side. Period. He'll use whomever he has to, to get what he wants. 
And I'm not convinced that Smokey and Widmore are in this together against Jacob.... I think there might be a third "side" 
with Widmore. I didn't get the feeling that Widmore and Smokey were going to be having any kind of a happy reunion, 
especially with the pylons... 

I'm not so sure about Claire staying crazy - she may have snapped out of more than Smokey intended when he slapped her. 
And perhaps John Locke's personality is stronger than Smokey realized and is slowly taking over… repossessing REPO MAN?? 

I think Claire had some clarity last night for the first time in a long while. SmLocke might have to watch himself because  
(1 - Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned completely fucked with - especially regarding her child; and, 
(2 - I don't get the feeling all of his "recruits" have completely swallowed all their koolaid - Sayid?

As for NEXT WEEK!!!  OMGOMGOMGOMG RICHARD!!!! I can't WAIT until next week!!!! 
Those previews of wall-to-wall-all-Richard-since-time-began look AMAZING. Purrrrrrr.

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