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Tally's Lost review 

LOST Episode 6.06

Ahhhhhhhh. Beautiful Sayid is back! Mmmmmmm.

Sayid in Atlantis Timeline… Nadia is in love with Sayid but married to his brother. SAY WHAT? 
Older brah Omer has made a bad loan deal with Atlantis Badass Chef Keamy who “makes great eggs.” 
Omer wants Sayid to get all Pulp Fiction on loan shark’s ass (since Sayid killed the chicken for him when 
they were kids and worked as a torturer for the Republican Guard), but Sayid says, “No thanks, I’m shiny nice dude now.” 

Omer gets “mugged” hard enough to land in the hospital where Atlantis Jack works, and should-be-his-wife-not-his-brother’s 
Nadia tells Sayid that this is Omer’s problem and to just go home and take care of the kids. He does this, and then finds 
Chef Keamy and the boys anyway. Turns out Sayid is James Bond in Atlantis timeline, and Chef Keamy is nowhere near 
Sergeant Keamy. But how did Jin get beaten and tied up in the closet?

Timeline A – Sayid and Samurai Dogen have a kung-fu-off. Dogen banishes Sayid, but before he can leave, Crazy L’Claire 
comes in and tells Samurai Dogen, “He wants to see you.” Dogen declines on grounds he’ll be killed, so L’Claire tells him 
to send someone else. Dogen has L’Claire thrown into The Pit, then picks Sayid. He then digs up The Ancient and Mysterious 
Magic Knife, and tells Sayid Claire is a nutjob because of Evil Incarnate who “will not stop until he has destroyed every living 
thing on the Island.” Uhm. Okay. He gives Sayid the Magic Knife and tells him he must kill this monster. He says, “He will come 
to you as someone you know. Someone who has died.” He tells him he must “strike before he speaks otherwise it will be too late.” 

Dogen explains that Sayid should do this to prove that he is not an evil douche. 
Sayid goes and finds the noisy smoke monster who walks out of the jungle as Locke who says, “Hello Sayid.” RUUUA ROH. 
Sayid stabs him in the chest anyway, but Smokey can’t be killed and pulls the blood-free, not-so-magic-knife out of his chest 
and hands it back to Sayid. MIB/Smokey/NotLocke tells Sayid he’s being played my Mr. Samurai, and was sent out here to 
be killed because he couldn’t do it himself. Then they perform the cliff notes version of Dr Faustus with Sayid in the title role. 

Meanwhile, back at The Temple, Kate walks in and Miles tells her “That Aussie Chick” is here, but she’s KEE-RAY-ZZEEE. 
Kate kicks some Other Ass and goes to have a chat with Claire, who gets rather feral-dingo when she’s told that Kate took her baby. 

Sayid returns and says to The Templeinos: “Leave or you’re dead. You have until sundown.” Some see reason and get 
the hell out of Dodge. At sundown Mr Smokey comes in and goes all Sodom and Gomorrah on The Temple, during which 
Claire and Kate seem to have a nice moment where L’Claire doesn’t kill her as promised. During this, Ilana, Ben, Sun, and 
Frank all arrive at The Temple. Ilana finds The Panic Room, and ushers them all into it. ZOOM. Two minutes and a nice paycheck.
Sayid drowns Mr Samurai in The Magic Hot Tub, then slashes Lennon’s throat and throws him in as well. 
Claire, Sayid, and Kate then walk out of The Temple with NotLocke and back into the jungle.

I feel that we’re in for a huge twist this season - and perhaps it’s regarding 
everything we are being led to believe is GOOD and EVIL on Magic Island. 

Why do we think Jacob is the good guy? If you look at his actions, he hasn’t really been very good. Buying that NKOTB 
lunchbox for Kate didn’t really help her. It allowed her to get away with very bad behavior instead of having a learning moment 
that crime doesn’t pay. Instead she continues to behave badly, and continues to get away with it, resulting in screwing up her 
amazing relationship with Captain Malcolm Reynolds (which makes her an IDIOT.) By giving James Ford the pen as a child, 
Jacob helps create Sawyer, and allows him to carry around a crippling letter for 20+ years. Handing Jack the Apollo candy bar 
and saying, “Maybe it just needed a little push”, just reinforces Jack’s self and father-induced inferiority complex that he’s never 
good enough and needs pushing. Telling Hurley that it’s a blessing to see dead people is basically telling him to not worry if he’s 
mentally ill. He didn’t really do Locke any kind of favors by reviving him to life in a wheelchair, and he took away Sayid’s 
reason for living. Did Jacob curse Sun & Jin to a life together when each may have been better apart?

Jacob also okays the Gassing of Dharmaville, puts Ben in charge who then recruits Juliet, holds her prisoner on the island 
away from her sister, and ultimately ruins her life.

No doubt there is Team Jacob and Team NotLocke. (There’s also Team Sawyer, who has always seemed to be on his 
own side – now so more than ever, followed by Professional Team-Jumper Kate.) 

I’m just not sure if the good and evil is so clear-cut. Samurai Dogen tells Sayid regarding The Magic Scale, “Yours tipped 
the wrong way.” Well which way is that? He doesn’t say, and I’m not so sure. (And I'm okay with that, and enjoying the ride.)

Reading Doc Jensen’s Go Ask Alice piece from March 2nd reaffirms my sentiments that there is a lot more of Alice 
in Lost that is staring us in the face. Looking Glass House is her house; only EVERYTHING in it is backwards including the 
writing on the book covers (once outside the house (Temple?) it all becomes an ¸berwarped chess game.) So why couldn’t 
Jacob be the bad one? It’s not like God didn’t destroy Sodom and Gomorrah (The Temple) after He allowed His angels 
(Sayid and Claire) to warn Lot so he could save his family (everyone in The Temple that chose to leave.) 

Both Jacob and NotLocke are selfish Master Manipulators out for their own individual goals: Jacob’s is to secure The Island 
(to secure NotLocke’s prison?), and NotLocke’s is to get the hell off of it (escape from his imprisonment?) 
Each are moving their respective chess pieces.

Jacob is never very straightforward; he talks in riddles and nice philosophies, yet Edward is to the point; 
consistently giving information, (or the promise of) - and tells Claire, “I always do what I say.” 

Pleased to meet you 
Hope you guess my name 
But what's puzzling you 
Is the nature of my game

Always struck me as strange that Satan is the bad guy for giving man knowledge. 

NotFlocke Mephastophilis is the Pied Piper of the many Dr Faustuses that live on Magic Island, 
promising them their heart’s desire in exchange for…?

Perhaps like the ending of Looking Glass, it’s up to us to decide who is Basement Cat and who is Ceiling Cat. 

What I did love most about the episode was it reinforced that Sayid is still the best badass on Lost, in both timelines. 
I think I’ll miss Doc Jensen’s columns most of all when this season ends…. “Sayid was enraged. Nobody messes with 
my manipulative a--hole dry cleaning brother! NOBODY!” ha ha!

Why the hell was Jin beaten and tied up the closet? Good guy? Bad guy? Who was that $10k really for? 
What if both Sun & Jin really do speak English?


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I'm putting these Lost episodes on DVD for Mrs Bart to watch later.
I'm grateful for Tally's guides because Lost is a hard story to follow when there's just one universe, 

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