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Lost 6.07 

Dr Linus

Atlantis Timeline - Ben Linus is a Doctorate of History, lecturing about Napoleon's exile on Elba 
(not TOO OBVIOUS) in high school history and runs the History Club where Alex Rousseau 
(his adoptive daughter in Timeline A who is now dead because of him) is a favorite student he is 
trying to help get into Yale. Cool. She tells him that she witnessed the douche Principal, (played by 
Dickless from Ghostbusters), "doing it" with the school nurse in a room adjacent to the nurses office. 

Eew. Ben tries to blackmail douche Principal with some hacked email into resigning and telling the 
school board he should take his place. Douche shows Ben an email from Alex requesting a recommendation 
to Yale since it's his alma mater. ALL IN. Ben folds for the greater good of Alex. He's a magnanimous dude
in Atlantis Timeline who cares for his aging father by giving him oxygen instead of gassing him like in Timeline A. 
That's nice. I miss Alex's mother.

Timeline A
Jack and Hurley are trying to head back to The Magic Temple but disagree on how to get there. MegaHot Richard 
shows up and says, "you're both wrong, it's this way, and off into the jungle he goes, with Jack and Hurley eventually 
following. Meanwhile after witnessing Sayid slay the Temple Bigshots he runs into Ilana, Sun, Miles, and Frank and 
they decide it's safest at the beach. Ilana asks Miles to do his Talk to the Dead gig with Jacob's ashes - he says that 
Ben killed Jacob. Ooops. At the beach, Ilana tells Sun she is there to protect The Candidates (for taking Jacob's place) 
and she doesn't know if she's supposed to protect Jin, Sun, or both of them. She then gathers all the electrical cable she 
can salvage from what's left of the salvaged crash, points a gun at Ben and marches him to Boone Hill to dig his grave. 
"Jacob was the closest thing I've ever had to a father." Ooops again. Ben digs with the bamboo shovel.†

Meanwhile Richard leads the boys to the Black Rock not the Temple. Richard admits he lied because everyone at
the Temple is dead, and he needs to do something something here, which is die.†WTF? Off they go into the bowels
of the Black Rock and Richard starts digging in the unstable, rotted dynamite. He reveals that as long as he's been 
on the Island, this is the first time he's been back to the ship. He explains he can't kill himself, he needs their help. 
They ask why and he goes off on what a douche Jacob is because he touched him rendering him all but immortal, 
and devoted his life, "longer than you can possibly imagine, in service of a man who told me everything was happening 
for a reason. That he had a plan, and when the time was right, he's share it" †but ended up dead first. This frustration 
has pushed Richard over the cliff into get-me-the-fuck-out-of-this-LIFE-WITH-NO-PURPOSE. †[Richard.... come here, 
I will give your life purpose, and make you beg for more doing it.....mmmmmm COULD HE BE ANY SEXIER???]

Jack lights the fuse and sits down with Richard saying - neither of us are going to die, cuz Jacob showed me The Magic Lighthouse. 
Hurley thinks they're now both full of crazy - and he "knows crazy", and high-tails it to safer ground where polar bears 
and the SmLocke Monster lives. The fuse goes out, no big boom, and they grab Hurley and head to the beach.†

Back at Ben's grave dig, SmLocke shows up and begs Ben to star in his Dr Faustus revival, and says Ben can be the 
protector of Magic Island. He tells Ben there's a gun in a clearing and to run and get the drop on Ilana, then follow him 
to the Hydra station on Magic Island Adjacent where he's gathering a group to get the fuck off this rock. SmLocke 
heads off leaving Ben to think. 30 seconds later Ben runs for the gun, Ilana follows, they have a momentary stand off 
and Ilana puts down her gun. Ben confesses he killed his own daughter because he was a douche and chose Magic Island 
over her, and when he realized the Island was Ashley Wilkes, and his daughter Alex was Rhett Butler, it was too late 
because Alex was dead, and there is no Tara, and SmLocke is the only one who will have him. Ilana reveals herself to 
be The Goddess of Grace and says, I'll have you. She picks up her gun and heads back to the beach. Ben sheepishly 
follows her, and bails out of the Dr Faustus revival.

Back at the Beach there is a big Lovefest reunion, and Ben helps Sun with a tarp. Richard is still Island's Sexiest Man, 
(followed closely by Sayid and Desmond, neither of whom were in this episode.) Then we see a SUBMARINE PERISCOPE 
surfacing offshore and watching the Lovefest. Camera pans down to reveal the captain is........... CHARLES WIDMORE!!! Ruh roh.

I want a Richard LOST spinoff. The entire Richard/Ricardos story.†

SO -†

RICHARD: "I want to die, and I can't do it myself." "Jacob touched me. 
When Jacob touches you it's considered a gift. But it isn't a gift, it's a curse."

Jacob has touched: Richard, Little Katie-on the nose "be good Katie", Jack - fingers on the candy bar hand-off, James 
(Ford/Sawyer) - fingers on the pen hand-off, Hurley in the cab, the Kwons at their wedding, Locke dead on the ground 
(afterwards killed by Ben), and in doing so, pretty much screwed up all their lives. Are they all bequeathed Jacob's gift as well?

- Did Jacob ever touch Ilana? He's wearing black gloves in the scene where he visits her in the hospital in season 5, and why
the hell was she there anyway? How was she injured? We now know she is charged by Jacob to protect the candidates for his 
replacement, and someone told her The Temple would be safe. Richard apparently had the same (incorrect) information but 
arrived too late to be SmLocked. She also told Sun there were six candidates left: Hurley, Jack, Sawyer, Kwon, Kwon, Sayid. 
Are the Kwons a package deal or can there BE ONLY ONE? If they're a package, who is #6 (The Prisoner?) Is Sayid still a 
candidate? Is Sawyer? Or is Richard on the list? And what of Frank (described by Ilana as a possible Candidate)? 
Originally the scheduled pilot of Oceanic 815 but he overslept. BEN: "The island still got you in the end."

- Will Richard still somehow get his Greater Purpose revealed? I just need a WHOLE-LOT-MORE-O-RICHARD 
(Could Nestor be any sexier??). Speaking of......

- Yay. I was right, Richard originally came to the island on the Black Rock - but in what capacity? Indentured servitude? 
Criminal? Former Captain with a mutinous crew? Rebellious sailor? I don't seem him as a captured slave. 
Probably not important to the show, but I'd like to know.

- What has happened on the island in the three years between when the Oceanic 6 left Magic Island in 2004, 
and when they were all Time-Skipped back to 2007?

- Why does SmLocke keep trying to do an Island revival of Dr Faustus, when Jacob seems more successful at it?

- Where is Atlantis Danielle Rousseau? And Mr Echo? I need them back, even for a cameo please.

- I'm not sure Widmore is working for either Jacob or SmLocke. He might be working for himself. I think the bigger 
question is, who is on Widmore's side? Jacob tells Hurley they need to help whomever is coming to the island "find it." 
Jacob also warned SmLocke that "They're coming." Who are THEY? (Widmore, whomever is with him, and whomever 
comes after - DESMOND PLEASE, and perhaps Eloise?) or was he referring to Ilana and co? And why tell SmLocke 
they're coming? (whoever they are.) Was he warning SmLocke? Why?

- Why is Widmore coming back to The Island? Ben claims it's for material gain, but what if it's something more personal? 
We know The Island can move in TIME. Does Widmore want to go to the past to change something? Or does he want 
to rid it of both Jacob and SmLocke? He doesn't seem the kind of person to establish an all-inclusive vacation resort. 
I still think Charlotte could be his daughter too.

- Going back to the BSG-ish Last Supper season 6 teaser photo - if SmLocke is bad, why is in the Jesus seat? 
Why is Jacob unseen? Hmmm... why is The Holy Grail story slipping into my brain? The Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle? 
The Jack/Juliet/Sawyer triangle? The Island isn't finished with Desmond, is he Percival?†

Why is SmLocke taking his flocke to the Hydra station? Can he fix the airplane? 
Or is there another Magic Frozen Donkey Wheel over there? Maybe they come in sets.

I did love all the comedy last night, HURLEY: "He's crazy, and I know crazy." 
Only seeing the puffs of dirt getting thrown out of the Ben's grave from afar.... hilarious.

The Chosen - very interesting book to slip in.


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