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Subject: Back-stabbing Dems 

I am so seriously fed up.

WTF! Seriously! Obama has accomplished so much in his first year, 
yet because he didn't come in and magically *blink* everything perfect 
like I Dream of Jeannie, everyone has turned against him.

Does anyone actually know or pay attention to how government works? 
He must work WITH Congress, which unfortunately is so dysfunctional at this point it's a wonder that 
he's accomplished as much as he has. If we lose the seat in MA on Tuesday and get the scary Cosmo-posing
-naked rightwing nutter of a teabag-handjob because dems are whiny and mad they didn't get their perfect 
Obama Dream Pony™, I fear we're far more ignorant as a nation than I ever thought possible. 

The dismantling of this nation began long ago with the Reagan era deregulations, and Bush & Co spent another 
eight years destroying it even more, while putting poison pills in place that are plaguing Obama now, and everyone 
actually thought they could wake up and he'd have Harry Potter's magical wand and make everyone's life perfect? 

Where are all those people who knocked on doors for his election? I guess most of them thought they'd done their 
job just getting him in office. One guy. You think one guy can destroy the behemoth insurance and bank industries 
by himself overnight? Perhaps it is Obama's fault that he actually had the audacity to not just hope, but believe we 
all had his back, including congress and all the people who voted him into office. 

But no - everyone insisted he play hardball and play just like Bush, instead of playing chess and attaining lasting 
change in the long run that the crazies couldn't overturn after he's gone, but no - we need instant gratification and if 
he doesn't play like we want to we demonize him and take our toys and not only refuse to participate, but stab him 
in the back and shit all over our own best interests in the process. 

"Why doesn't Obama come to work?" "Why doesn't he put out these conservative fires?" 
I keep hearing and reading that shit every day. Well, I'll tell you why I think he's doing what he's doing the way he's doing it...... 

So isn't Bush 2.0, and he doesn't look like the hysterical media that we all get our information filtered thru. 
Prime example is the new book GAME CHANGE - with everything in that book, what is the ONE THING 
everyone is beating into the ground? Harry Reid speaking the truth and using the word "negro." REALLY??? 

When there is so much other stuff in their about how beyond stupid Sarah Palin is and why everyone should be 
running McCain out of the country on a rail for picking someone that stupid to be a heartbeat away from the 
presidency, we've collectively allowed the right to control this talking point and change our focus. And the worst 
part of it is, we bought it, were too stupid to see the Right orchestrated it, and we not only bought it, but we 
HELPED THEM. The teabaggers are stupid. I never thought we were close, but I'm changing my mind. 

Why can't we get behind our guy? Why can't we, just for once, realize it's never going to be exactly the way we want, 
and think for a minute, hey.... he's the smartest guy in the room - MAYBE HE'S GOT A LONG-TERM PLAN and 
just SEE if he doesn't make it all work out in the long run? He's not only a hell of a lot better than the alternative, and I 
honestly believe he's one of the best we've ever had in my lifetime. He's certainly a hero to the rest of the world - where, 
I'd like to point out - they're all better educated, and don't have the US MEDIA Poison Machine™ ramming insanity 
down their throats 24/7.

The Health Reform Bill isn't DONE YET. SHUT THE FUCK UP until it IS. I'm all for single payer, (my day job is in 
an insurance agency), but the control these companies have is beyond anyone's realm of comprehension. Single Payer is 
the goal, but we can't start at the finish line with this kind of an opponent. TRUST ME. The "Public Option" was twisted 
and poisoned by the Insurance Lobby Monster (with the help of The Stupid Party™ to the point of the Harry Reid "negro" drama. 

The Senate dems have no SPINE. HOWEVER, they did manage to slip in what a baby-starting out Single Payer might 
be like with the Non-Profit Company Option - which is what insurance companies used to be when they had regulations
- (that the media is thankfully not talking about, lest the Right poison that as well.) 

My point is, the biggest tragedy is that WE ARE HELPING the Right destroy us, and we're too damn blind to even see it.

But, wouldn't things be better if Obama DID come to work?

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