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Subject: Obama signed order to Close Gitmo -

On Jan 22st, 2009, TWO DAYS after his inauguration, President Obama signed an EXECUTIVE ORDER to CLOSE GITMO.

Jon Stewart even showed VIDEO of him signing it. Oh look! here it is:

WHY isn't it closed? Because of all the times Congress has voted to fund it (four that I know of - maybe more)
- because it costs MONEY to close it. You can't make everyone swim home, and just burn all the equipment
  -  Only SIX Dems in Congress voted to FUND it.

The non-closure of GITMO is on THE COWARDS IN CONGRESS, not President Obama.
They would have done the same to HIllary, and it would still be OPEN.

The even bigger question is - HOW COME YOU DON'T KNOW THIS? Isn't this NEWSWORTHY?
It was a minor story when all the GOP in Congress screamed like little babies that they didn't want those
terrorists to be transferred to the US mainland, to our prisons, since, I guess, it seems that they're totally
not secure, even though it's a growth industry, and the GOP makes a TON of money off the US Private
Prison Industry.


As for the Health Care bill, it will create Single Payer. It's obvious if you think about it, and a brilliantly
smart way to get there: In 2014 the real non-profit companies come onto the exchanges. They will be
heavily regulated. They will offer CHEAPER PLANS for FAR LESS MONEY because they don't have
$12million CEOs to pay, or stocks to sell. Those will be allowed to merge across state lines to offer larger
risk pools (and offer even cheaper plans), eventually merging nationwide, and VOILA! Single Fucking Payer!

It's NOT a "hollow" bill. It's more than anyone has EVER accomplished regarding health care in this country,
and it's a fucking miracle it happened considering the spineless whore BlueDogs like Ben Nelson said the
Public Option was a NON STARTER before any talks had even begun, and we never had 60 D votes.
Hmm.. I wonder who all in Congress has taken money from United Healthcare? 

Don't give me credit. I don't care.  I do care if you print my name and edit the fuck out of it, and call me a nag.
Just print the truth. The President hasn't gone back on his word. He did try to close it. He signed a goddam
EXECUTIVE ORDER to close it. The POTUS isn't a dictator. Stop expecting him to be a gansta because he's not.
Stop expecting him to be some black super hero, because they do not exist.

Be MAD that this isn't front page news, and that our PRESS/MEDIA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the GOP,
that refuses to DO THEIR JOB and shame the Republicans in Congress for their insanity, their record obstruction,
joke use of the filibuster, and recklessness with the credit of the USA.

If you monkey mail this you're helping Romney win.
Please stop saying things to discourage people from voting.

All I'm doing is telling the truth.
If I publish something that's not true, I expect you'll call me on it.

After Wisconsin, people are disheartened, and many think they shouldn't bother, especially with all the
voter suppression and e-voting malfeasance - which is starting to leak out. TALK ABOUT THAT.
Encourage people to call the the DOJ and scream at them to get on it. IT HAPPENED IN WISCONSIN:

I know it's hard for you to print anything that makes the POTUS look good, or have President Obama's
back on ANYTHING, but unless you HELP him, you're helping Romney become President and we'll get
a minimum of THREE (probably FIVE) more CONSERVATIVE SCOTUS judges, which will fuck this

I don't think most can wrap their heads around it.

Also - if you want to know what the POTUS does with all his time, there is a website that has several
updates daily regarding his schedule, with photos, video - you'll be shocked at just how much our
"press" doesn't cover -

I think if you look around you'll see I'm one of Obama's biggest defenders.

Thanks for checking in - you have fans here.


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