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My Thoughts on Lance
  by Tally





Bart, you wrote:

"I passed every test you gave me, so blow me."

Totally agree with you.

He did more for the sport than ANYONE.
He made more money FOR all the sponsors (his own, and every sponsor who put a name
on a cycling jersey while he was riding, and since) than ANYONE.

He's done more for cancer awareness than ANYONE.

Everyone in the sport was doping. FOR YEARS. Level playing field is level.

I'm never going to hate him. NOT EVER.

I love watching the Tour de France to this day because of him. LOVE IT. It's FRANCE IN HD!!!

What I want to know is: HOW he never tested positive. I also want to know how involved was
the UCI - as Travis Tygart Doper Hunter™ believes? This guy is so Lance-obsessed, he's never
going to be satisfied with just a confession, claiming Lance had “the most sophisticated, professionalized
and successful doping program that sport has ever seen.” Really? WTF does that even mean?

When did anyone have time to ride a stage in a cycling tour, much less eat, sleep shower, and travel to the next town?  

I'm sure the riders were encouraged. Just like any sport, the owners want WINNERS,
they could care less how they get there. Just look at the match-fixing scandal in Euro Futbol.

At least cyclers were still competing and not throwing stages.

I don't know Lance personally, so I really don't care if he's an asshole, or if he lied.... most of
the people who went after him, Landis, Hamilton, etc.... all had revenge issues, and needed to
sell books after they got caught doping, and lied about testing positive.

AFTER SURVIVING Testicular, brain, lung, and abdominal cancer, Lance beat another almost
200 guys biking around France for 21 days, for 7 years in a row, 95% of whom were doping at
the same time. Some got caught. Many didn't. And none of them were cancer survivors.


"In Australia, the government of South Australia state said Tuesday it will seek the repayment of
several million dollars in appearance fees paid to Armstrong for competing in the Tour Down Under
in 2009, 2010 and 2011." WTF? They got what they wanted. On what grounds do they have to sue?
He appeared, and competed, (didn't win), brought loads of publicity they couldn't have gotten with
ANY OTHER RIDER EVER... so??? They now want a magic time machine to do what?
Sue him for fulfilling his contract? For making them money? No one is suing them.
They made their money off Lance, and now they want to sue him for MORE because..... ?

The Lance hate sickens me.

It's like Barry Bonds - steroids don't do anything for hand-eye coordination.
There is no "performance-enhancing drug" for that. That is SKILL. Sure, it puts strength behind
your swing, but you have to still be able to get the HIT. His hit record is ridiculously high, even
considering all the times pitchers refused to pitch to him. Yet, they still will never allow him into
the Hall of Fame for his hit record, even though that has nothing to do with drugs, until the sports
world/fans all get over their stupid "doping/purity" issues - and they will. 50 years from now
(probably less), "doping" will be accepted, regulated, and required. The sponsors and owners
want the best athletes, they don't care how they get there, because there's tons of money involved.

Someone sent me this article and asked what I thought -
I said: Lance. Where do I start? I didn't watch the Oprah interview.
Thought I wanted to. DVR'd it. Finally realized, I don't care, and deleted it.

All I want to know is, HOW did he not test positive? To my knowledge, Oprah didn't ask that.
Seriously. It's a huge accomplishment. As much as winning the Tour 7 times in a row in a peloton
of (mostly) dopers. Yes yes yes, they're (mostly) all cheating, no, it doesn't make it right - OK. GOT IT.
I'm so far past that at this point. HOW DID HE NEVER EVER TEST POSITIVE?
And more importantly, why won't he talk about that part?

But again, this writer, like everyone else, has such a giant fucking LANCE AXE to grind,
it makes me hate them as much as they hate Lance: "I don't know when I'll feel he's paid
enough of a price for his cruel reign, but my instinct is not nearly yet, not for a long, long time."
Seriously? Histrionic much? STFU. Lance bullied you, and now you got your payback.
Good for you. Feel better? No? And he won't, not EVER.

Why? Because he's not Lance, will never be able to ride up L'Alp d'Huez on a single day,
never mind in the middle of 4 other days of climbing the Alps on a bike, even ON PEDs.
But more importantly, because there is something primitive in this behavior that I just don't possess.

I guess I don't have the VENGEANCE GENE. There is no one in my life who has personally
treated me badly enough that I want destroyed, and I've even had a knife held to my throat
by someone who was supposed to love me.

I find it easier on my psyche, and my blood pressure to just cut the cord, and move on.
Not being in my life is punishment enough. ;)

Seriously. I wish one "reporter" would pull a Joe Friday, and give me "just the facts."
But nope. Every single article is full of such over-the-top, raging, vitriolic, intolerant poison,
and I don't have the will, desire, or energy to get on that bus.


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