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Subject: Tally on Rex's list
I'd like to see Rex's list of what opportunities President Obama has missed.....

It might be eaiser to list the stars...

The Public Option? You mean the one that Ben Nelson and a bunch of other Blue Dog Dems said
was a Non-starter, that they would NEVER vote for it, and the fact we never had 60 votes EVER in the Senate?  How was that a "miss"?

That's your idea of a leader?
"We can't do that because Ben Nelson said no?"

Or how about Closing GITMO? How is that the President's fault when only 6 Dems voted to close it?
Even the Progressive's current Hero du Jour, Bernie Sanders, voted AGAINST funding the closing of GITMO.
Again, how is that a "miss"?

What if Obama acted like a president?

What if he said, "We're fucking closing Gitmo and YOU
don't want to be the damn fool who tried to stand in my way!"

Why do you think Obama is so helpless?
Every time he fails, you list the reasons why it's not his fault.

America doesn't need excuses - it needs a leader who will act.

Or maybe he wanted the President to "invoke" the 14th Amendment during the debt ceiling,
even though Section 5 of the 14th clearly states, "CONGRESS" (not POTUS) "SHALL" (must)
"ENFORCE" (America to pay her bills)? Of course Darrell Issa (R-Moneybags Asshole) had
everything typed up and ready to go to start impeachment proceedings if the President" usurped
Congressional Power (even though they refused to do their jobs.)

Is it President Obama's fault there weren't 60+ solid Dem votes in the Senate EVER, or a Super Majority
in the House? Was that another President Obama "missed opportunity?" No, that was OUR FAULT,
and we need to FIX THAT in 2012, so we can tell the TeaGOP to SHUT THE FUCK UP, and really
get to work cleaning up their fucking mess. THen Elizabeth Warren can continue the job in 2016.

Bush never had a super-majority and he got EVERYTHING he wanted.
Bush didn't stand around and wait for someone to give him permission.

Here's one of the lists of President Obama's achievements - it's not up to date - they're behind:

I don't understand why you think a list or a link means anything.
If Obama's approval rating was 10 percent, you'd STILL have your lists and links.

If the dog won't eat the dog food, you can make up a long list of reasons why he should
but the dog still won't eat it.

If America says he's doing a bad job, what good are excuses?

I think it's pretty fucking miraculous considering he's never had enough DEM votes for anything,
has been up against RECORD obstruction and filibustering the GOP-OWNED Media won't talk about,
and there are still a metric shitload of appointments the GOP won't even allow to be voted on,
including the head of the new Consumer Protection Agency.

There you go again - why won't somebody give helpless Barack permission?
Why doesn't Obama say "fuck it" and just DO SOMETHING?

Admit it - his goal is to be nice.
That's killing his presidency.

I'd like to see Rex's list, and detailed explanations of HOW EXACTLY they were President Obama's
"missed opportunities" he was personally responsible for.  And no, expecting ANYONE to act like
YOU WANT THEM TO, like some fantasyland cowboy or President Superfly has no basis in reality,
and is akin to herding cats.

Maybe someday, before he leaves office, Obama will do something bold like act like he's the boss.
The day he does that, his approval rating will go up 15 points.


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