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Tally's take on NSA, Snowden





Snowden contacted Greenwald (who is on the CATO institute payroll - run and funded by the Koch brothers)
and Poitras, BEFORE he took the job with Booz Allen. That means he went to work for one of our National
Security Contractors (private companies should never be in charge of such things, but we've allowed the GOP
to defund government to the point they must outsource even our National Security....) with INTENT to steal
State Secrets and leak them. That goes against so many laws including the Espionage Act, not to mention
Booz Allen could sue him into his next life for breach of contract.

Yes, The Patriot Act is bad. But it's the law. However, there was no "whistleblowing" because the only laws
that were broken were done by Snowden, and his journalist assistants. Having a Press Pass, and being too stupid
to understand calendars, how time works, and not seeing the Timeline of Snowden's actions that you're reporting
on because you were too caught up in your own exclusive "scoop", doesn't excuse you from Espionage and leaking
state secrets to a foreign newspaper, even if you live in Brazil.

Snowden is a criminal and a traitor. Not only to his country (most importantly, even if you disagree/dislike vehemently
with any/all of the Administrations of the last 100 years), but also to his employer, who required him to sign an NDA
(Non-Disclosure Agreement) as part of his contract.

The bigger question is who got a HS dropout with a GED who'd never finished a computer course/certification a
six-figure salaried position with top secret security clearance and access to such information? AND, how many other
Snowdens have there been who simply sold their info to the highest foreign bidder instead of going public? By running
to countries with horrid civil rights records like Russia and China, Snowden demonstrates he's a complete idiot, and
likely the same person who placed him in the position to steal the info, bankrolled him to Hong Kong as well.

Yes we need to revisit and repeal The Patriot Act - we also must rework and replace it. To pretend this technology
doesn't exist, or fail to admit to yourself that foreign interests both governmental and private aren't hacking and spying
on us 24/7, actively trying to do us harm, financially and otherwise, and that we shouldn't do anything about it because
OHNOES MAH PRIVACEES, makes you a naïve idiot who still believes in the Easter Bunny. You need to realize you
exist in 2013, not 1952, and just how far technology has advanced, how deeply it affects your daily existence, and how
fucked you'd be if something goes horribly wrong.

A hacker can do much more damage to our national security (economy and that massive domino effect) than aircraft
flying into buildings. All bombs don't involve explosives. Imagine if everyone woke up to empty bank accounts?
How would you acquire food, shelter, and transport? You think that someone who wants to bring down the US,
(for example - a Talibani hacker) hasn't thought off that?

If you have a cell phone, use the internet, have a home phone line, bank account, cable or satellite TV, and credit cards,
you've voluntarily given up your privacy, and I suggest you go back and read all those User Agreements/Contracts you
signed/clicked I AGREE on.

The 4th Amendment never mentions the word Privacy. It says: The right of the people to be secure in their persons,
houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall
issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched,
and the persons or things to be seized.

What part of your stuff isn't secure? What part of your stuff has been violated? What effects have been warrantlessly
seized? "It could happen" isn't an argument that will lead to you having more privacy. Yes, it could. The Left could also
stay home in 2014, and allow the TEAGOP crazies to take over everything, and outlaw voting. "It could happen."

Once you voluntarily reach outside of your self and your home, papers, and effects, you are using the public
communications network with a third party Corporation's communications/financial network. That isn't covered
under the 4th. Yes, there are many cases that support limitations on stuff, which is why there is now a FISA court,
and no more Bush warrantless wiretapping.

The technology isn't as invasive as your dystopian fantasy, otherwise it would have caught Snowden long before he
fled to Hong Kong. There is no human in a room somewhere listening to your phone calls, trolling your web history,
and reading your email. If there was, we'd have zero unemployment, and still wouldn't be able to fill the positions
they would need to do that.

If you really want your privacy, throw away your cell phone, cancel your internet, television, and home phone service,
cut up your credit cards and close your bank account. All those things are voluntary.

What I find backwards is that the people have no problem with private companies using your information to manipulate
more money out of you, but have a giant problem with their own government using the same information to keep them
alive, and their bank accounts from getting hacked and emptied.

This is all about demoralizing the Left, causing yet another circular firing squad like they did in 2010, and getting them
to stay at home for the Midterms AGAIN. If you can't see that, you need to WAKE THE FUCK UP.

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