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Tally's Oscar Review 

That WAS that the worst Oscar show I've ever seen. So glad Sandra, Christoph, Mo'nique, and Katherine won. 
Steve Martin had a moment (to be specific, when Fletcher - who wrote the screenplay for Precious - won and couldn't 
think of anything to say and Steve said, "I wrote that speech for him" only because it was the FIRST REAL MOMENT
OF THE NIGHT), and I love Alex - but my gods the writing was HORRID!!

Loved Sandra's speech and thanking her lover Meryl... so frakkin funny. But THE WORST OSCAR TELECAST EVER. 
If they continue to do that unwatchable, skin-crawling 20-minutes-of-hell insanity of other actors standing onstage and yapping 
about the nominees instead of showing us SOME FUCKING CLIPS then I will either stab myself in the head or never watch the show again.

Thank you to whomever put Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper together. Best ManCandy. moment of the night.

But where the holy frak was Farrah and Bea Arthur in the memoriam???? UNFORFRAKKINGIVABLE.

Bring back Jon Stewart I AM BEGGING.

The opening bit with Steve, Alex, and George Clooney (World's Most Perfect Man) just wasn't as funny 
as it should and COULD have been. Next time hire union writers - I hear Tina Fey is pretty witty., 

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