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It's about the SCOTUS, stupid
 by Tally Briggs


This is a simple election. Just ask yourself: DO YOU HATE CITIZENS UNITED??

The next President will nominate a minimum of THREE justices to the Supreme Court. (Perhaps 5.)
If that's Romney, we're stuck with Citizens United and a NEOCON COURT for the next generation.
And that would be just the beginning. They want to go back to appointing the Senate.
Hell, they really don't want ANYONE to vote.

Every American's responsibility should be to STOP ROMNEY from being elected POTUS.
He will be more of a puppet than W ever was.

That means voting third party is NOT AN OPTION. Not until we have instant runoff elections.
I don't care if you hate President Obama.
Stop pretending Nader voters didn't fuck the rest of the country in 2000, you whining toddler.

If you have a functioning brain stem, you must understand that Romney along with Norquist and
the Koch Brother's help, will end our Democracy. It's happening now with the GOP in Congress,
who got there, because a bunch of Progressives pouted, and stayed home.

A vote for ANYONE other than President Obama = a vote for Romney via the hackable e-voting
machines that can be flipped by remote. Third party votes won't be watched, and can be siphoned off so simply.


Romney (via Norquist, Rove, Adelson, & Kochs) will:

- Start a war with Iran (Sheldon Adelson has already paid for this.)
- Reinstate Don't Ask Don't Tell
- Outlaw gay marriage, and try to outlaw gay adoption
- Repeal Roe v Wade
- Attempt to outlaw (female) contraception/allow PHARMA to charge what ever they want for it.
- End/close the CFPA
- Repeal Dodd Frank and go back to deregulated finance (that needs MORE regulation)
- Repeal the ACA and make sure the NON-PROFIT exchanges which are set to destroy the current FOR-PROFIT Health Insurance Industry, never open.
- Repeal Lilly Ledbetter Act
- Attempt to require prayer in schools
- Make Creationism a requirement in public school curriculum
- End the EPA
- Starve our public schools even more than they already are
- Make ALL our Universities FOR PROFIT
- Privatize Medicare
- Privatize Social Security
- End Medicaid
- End Unemployment Insurance
- End Disability Insurance
- RE-Privatize Airport Security
- Outlaw Labor Unions

It wouldn't surprise me if they legalize rocket launchers via the NRA lobby. The list is endless.


President Obama is more Progressive than half the Dems in Congress.
Only SIX have ever voted to fund the closing of GITMO, even though President Obama signed an EO on his 2nd day in office.

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