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  Subject: Dennis in DC/Trayvon





  Subject: Dennis in DC/Trayvon

Every parent on Earth with a functioning brain stem, of every race, religion, and nationality, all tell their
children in varying degrees, "DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS. NEVER EVER get in the car with a stranger.
If someone is following you, run or go to the nearest authority/business/police station."  Due to the prevalence
of  the media finally talking about pedophiles hunting little boys and the Catholic church in the last few decades,
boys are getting this message hammered home as much as girls have since the dawn of time. Black and brown
children are told a lot of things in addition to this because of constantly being "profiled."

FACT: Zimmerman called 911 to report a "suspect." He prejudicially judged Trayvon, even though he had no right whatsoever to do so.

FACT: Zimmerman did not report and retreat like instructed. He was in a truck. He could have driven away at any time.

FACT: Trayvon Martin did NOT approach and drag George Zimmer out of his truck.

FACT: Zimmerman's Neighborhood Watch Manual states specifically to NOT APPROACH OR CONFRONT ANYONE,
           and leave that to LAW ENFORCEMENT. 911 Dispatch told him the same.

FACT: Zimmerman got out of his truck, and followed Trayvon to the point Trayvon stopped, turned around,
           STOOD HIS GROUND, and asked Zimmerman, "Why are you following me?" 90% of the population
           would feel weird as a minor if some strange adult were following them. Anyone who says differently is either stupid or lying.

This "incident" started the moment Zimmerman decided to call 911, and disregard the fact he IS NOT LAW ENFORCEMENT,
then, against direct orders from Law Enforcement, followed Trayvon. In most other states, disobeying Law Enforcement will get you
arrested, (you don't even have to be an adult who is stalking a minor with a loaded firearm you happened to end up killing him with.)

Zimmerman's racism clouded his judgement and blinded him to the point of being those idiot people who jump into
Tiger enclosures at zoos to pet the pretty kitty, or throw a rock at a hornet's nest because (who the fuck knows why
anyone is ever this stupid) and are shocked when the "encounter" doesn't go the way they imagined.

Deputy Sheriff Zimmerman thought he was in Tombstone, AZ, and that since he was not Black, he would automatically
be seen as an "Authority" figure by someone who was. If Zimmerman EVER thought his life was in danger before he got
out of his truck, he would have driven away, or retreated, not pursued. If Trayvon had approached Zimmerman in his truck,
Zimmerman could have aimed the gun from there just as easily, but that didn't happen. He never ever once thought it through,
or thought it might not go as his fantasy movie in his head where he was the star hero, putting down the local "punk asshole."

This should be a mistrial because the jury seems to have began their considerations at the point where Zimmerman felt threatened,
NOT at the point where Zimmerman was the aggressor who instigated the entire event, putting himself in the position of fearing
for his life. At no time did the jury EVER consider Trayvon's equal rights of standing his ground and defending himself.

That juror told Anderson Cooper they had no choice. The judge's instructions were,
"If you think Zimmerman was scared when he pulled the trigger,

Trayvon's mistake was being caught without a gun in gun-crazy Florida.

Florida's laws are super-fucked.
Of course, black shooters are found guilty and white shooters are found innocent.

The whole idea of "stand your ground" is pure idiocy.
It sounds like rules for being in some damn fight club or a violent gang.

Florida acts like walking away and living to fight another day is for pussies only.

Stevie Wonder is right.
Everyone should boycott Florida - and that means Orlando, too.

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