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Tally's Lost review 

You can reach Tally at

LA X (parts 1 & 2)

If you have the discs (or a subscription to Netflix so you can stream them to your computer) and have the†time†
- re-watch EVERYTHING. And I mean from day 1, seasons 1-5, and you will be blinded by the lightbulbs going off over your head.

LA X (parts 1 & 2)
So here is where I am down the LOST RABBIT HOLE:
Just like in JJ and The Boys's new Star Trek, we have an ADDITIONAL timeline because of someone time traveling (the Losties.)†
The moment of creation of The Sliding Doors Effect™ is when Juliet detonates Jughead (the core of the hydrogen bomb) in 1977. 
This is not a "reset" because that would imply there is only one timeline.
- The bomb basically creates a 2nd Timeline (B) and does an ATLANTIS to The Island and it sinks. (The reason it sinks is because 
not only is the hole Juliet is sucked down into with the JugheadCore waaaaaay deeeeeep, it's also on top of that electromagnetic 
energy pocket - which sinks the island as opposed to wiping it and making it devoid of all things living.†It also presumably killed 
everyone on it that wasn't in that original time-skipping group who was still alive at the time of detonation. That would include Ben,
Jacob, Richard, SmokeMonster/MIB (I shall call him Esau), Charles Widmore, Eloise Hawking, all The Others & Darma Initiative peeps. 
The people no longer exist in the Atlantis Timeline (B), because they’re DEAD.
The Time Skippers, and those sucked out of Ajira 316 to 1977, (Sawyer, Miles, Jin, Juliet, Sayid, Kate, Jack, & Hurley) simply 
skipped to 2007 in Timeline A (where Ben, FakeLocke and Sun are, along with Ilana & her crew.)

1. Everything that happened to The Island in Timeline A - does not exist in Atlantis Timeline (B) after the detonation (1977.)
2. The 2nd Timeline originates in 1977, so what we see on Oceanic 815 in 2004 reflects the endless possibilities of that:
* If TPTB are writing the characters the same age as the actors who play them, then Jacob never visits ANY of the Oceanic 815
since he & the island were destroyed? Rendered inert? He went somewhere else?

So, what makes Atlantis Timeline different?

- The biggest thing I can think of is†Charles Widmore is dead, Penelope doesn't meet Desmond since her father is too dead to order
the wine, and she has no reason to go to Desmond's Monastery. If Desmond never met Penny, then every event he has experienced 
in Timeline A after that event doesn't exist in Atlantis Timeline (B), which is everything on the show other than the Monastery.
- Eloise Hawking is also dead which means Daniel Faraday never existed in this Timeline, since he was never born.

- Danielle Rousseau's group and Leonard Simms (remember him? The crazy guy who was Hurley'’s friend from the mental institution?), 
never heard The Numbers in 1988 because even if they were broadcasting in 1977, that is when that transmission would have been 
stopped due to the detonation. So Hurley never heard The Numbers even if he was in the mental institution, (more on that lotto win 
in a minute.) Rousseau'’s group also never crashed on the island, and maybe never crashed their boat in the first place on it’s reef. 
Therefore, none of them got “"infected"” (possessed by the Smoke Monster), and they weren't shot by Danielle, and Alex was 
never taken or murdered by Widmore's mercenaries.
- Rose still has cancer.
- Jack never had the candy bar moment with Jacob, so the absence of this small event makes the difference in his Atlantis Timeline 
personality - chances are he never met Desmond at the stadium because Desmond had no reason to be there (training for the Widmore 
boat race.) This too could have an impact on Jack. He is now a nervous flyer, so Rose is the one who comforts him. He also seems a 
lot more confident in his own abilities and says to Locke - "nothing is irreversible." Not sure yet why flight attendant Christy only gave 
him one bottle of Vodka.

- Kate never had the NKOTB lunchbox bought for her by Jacob, so does this mean the storeowner called the cops?
How much does this event affect her life? According to a clip shown at ComicCon (SPOILER ALERT – go here
- Sawyer didn't get Jacob's pen at the funeral - so maybe he never wrote the letter, and never carried it around for almost 30 years.
- Hurley was always meant to win the lotto, so it doesn't matter with what numbers. 
He never heard THE NUMBERS so he never developed the CURSE thing.
- Locke was never on The Island so the Compass Paradox never happened. He never Time Skipped from 2004 to 2007 and got shot, 
and Richard never came to remove the bullet and patch him up and never gave him his compass, so Richard never got it back from Locke 
in 1954, and had no reason to "come see" Locke on the mainland as a child, or try to recruit him as a teenager for a science camp, 
resulting in no "Don't tell me what I can't do!" moment with a teacher in high school.

- Sayid is looking for Nadia in Los Angeles (Irvine.) His personality is probably the most unchanged.
- Both Jin & Sun, aren't touched by Jacob at their wedding, so everything after that event is open to change (her affair, her English, her trying to leave Jin....etc)
- Charlie never meets Desmond on the street when Desmond is uncontrollably Time Skipping, and is never told they were living on an island. 
All things past this event are open for Charlie. He also never dropped the bag of heroin during the turbulence before the plane breaks apart. 
The turbulence is different this time, and he (accidentally?) swallows the bag instead.
- Claire is likely to have had a different reading from psychic Richard Malkin since her plane wasn't going to crash, or was that all about giving up the baby?
- Juliet was never recruited to go to The Island by Richard, so she's alive and well in (Miami?)
- It has yet to be revealed why we didn't see Michael, Walt, & Vincent, or if they weren't on Oceanic 815.
- Baby Miles was on his way home in the sub just before the blast in 1977. Assuming everyone made it to the mainland, 
he's alive and well in 2004, having never been on the freighter.
- Baby Charlotte was also on the sub, and is presumably alive since she was never hired by dead Charles Widmore to go to the Island on the freighter with Miles.
- Libby never meets Desmond, so she never gives him her boat. Perhaps that’s why she's not on the plane?
- Unaccounted for passengers from Oceanic 815 - Paulo & Nikki, Mr Eko, and Ana Lucia.
I don't think the Atlantis Timeliners sense anything regarding their parallel selves. Jack thinking he recognized Desmond might be from a 
different meeting they had that is yet to be revealed. Perhaps Desmond entered the race anyway. Perhaps he and Penny met under different 
circumstances and she is the one who holds the annual race in her father’s memory.…
As for the 2007 Timeline A - Richard in chains (what a great line......) I think Richard was the captain of the Black Rock who had been drawn 
to the Island courtesy of Jacob The Siren who promised him a drink from the Fountain of Youth, but Esau chained him to the mast so he wouldn't
land the ship - but Jacob moved the island to "catch" the ship anyway.
My question is what happened to LIFE THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING when Desmond turned the key at the end of season 2 
and The Swan imploded? (As far as new timelines.... if any), and just how special is Desmond (other than him being a SMOKIN HOT SCOT), 
like Daniel Faraday alluded to?
I thought Locke was nowhere near as broken a man in Atlantis Timeline. I believe he DID go on that walkabout in his wheelchair, and he seemed 
much more accepting about his situation, and was determined to make the best of it. I didn't see the bitter beaten Locke we originally met. This Locke 
has been busy making lemonade, and not wallowing in self-pity. He seemed to be more amused than pissed that Oceanic lost his knife case, and really 
helped Jack with some father grief. This is a much different guy.
I'm going out on a limb here, but I think Locke ended up in the wheelchair under different circumstances in Atlantis Timeline than his douche father 
throwing him out of an 8-story window (and having Jaocb give him that Resurrection Touch™.)
Assuming a lot of things are different in Atlantis Timeline, I think there are more things up with Locke than my brain has been able to process so far. 
If he didn't have the THREE visits that Richard spoke of (only two of which have been shown - the Dali Lama test which Richard thought he failed 
but might have actually passed when he picked the knife and not the compass, and the one with the science teacher and trying to recruit him for the 
science camp - so maybe we'll see what that third visit was this season.) So,†if†he didn't get those three visits, and didn't have people telling him he 
was "special" perhaps he never tried to find his father after NuttyMommy Swoozie's visit, therefore never gave up a kidney, never stalked his 
douche dad, and never got tossed out of the window by said douche. So what DID happen to put him in that chair?

On Jacob - he only visited Hurley and Sayid to get them all back to the island. However, was it really Jacob? Did he cause Nadia's death, 
or save Sayid's life when he asked for directions? Was this Esau disguised as Jacob desperately organizing The Loophole, or was Jacob 
gathering The Five and Esau merely taking advantage of the situation that presented itself? If so, why did Jacob need them back on the island?

Both Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking spoke of a war coming......
I want to know WTF is up with "He who will save us all", who the fuck Richard is (and how old is he†really), who the hell are Ilana and her peeps, 
and how does all that tie in with The Temple?

It will be interesting to see who is the Real Alpha on The Other's Great Chain of Being™ - Ben? Dogen? Richard? Locke/FLocke? Jacob? 
Clearly they're connected since Flight Attendant Cindy and the Oceanic 815 kids are now in The Temple.

How old is Dogen I wonder and how did he come to The Island?
ok - Early predictions for season 6 (via Sliding Doors):
TimeSkipping (Timeline A) Sawyer meets/finds and hooks up with Atlantis Timeline (B) Juliet.
What Kate Does†= (2007)†She goes after Sawyer. Over and over x infinity.†
SCENE: KATE & SAWYER are sitting on the dock, KATE is explaining why she came after him..."to find Claire, etc.."
KATE: I'm sorry I came after you.
SAWYER: Which time?

Glad that's cleared up.

What Kate Does†= (2004 & 2007)†She runs.

Moving on - †This episode was a lot of positioning and exposition.†
2007 - Timeline A
So, what do we know now?
- Dogen & the Temple Others are trying to protect THEM (our Losties) from Mr Smokey.
- Dogen thinks Sayid is "infected." This means the same as when Rousseau said it of her friends, implying Mr Smokey has claimed Sayid
(or so Dogen believes.) I'm not convinced since Jacob got to him first via Hurley.
- The Temple Others need THEM all back at the Temple so THEY don't get infected by Mr Smokey, or worse, die, 
because they're ka-tet* I suppose. [*From Stephen King's The Dark Tower.]
- Sayid will die unless Jack gives him the poison pill. (WTF?)
- Dogen doesn't confirm or deny trying to kill Sayid when Jack asks him, "why are you trying to kill Sayid" but says, "He has been [claimed.]" 
Perhaps this only means it will kill "the darkness growing within him."
- Dogen knows Claire is Jack's sister - but then The Others know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE on Oceanic 815.
- Claire is the new Rousseau, and very much alive (dead people don't fire guns, or help people†physically†- Locke and his broken leg - off the floor.) 
But The Others believe she's been "claimed" by "the darkness" meaning Mr Smokey. And she was hanging out in that cabin with Christian.
- The Others only put their ash Circle of Binding around the MAIN Temple, not the outer wall of the complex, since we've seen Smokey 
drag Rousseau's gang down there, (remember Jin and the arm?) and almost dragged Locke down the same hole.

- Why was Dogen typing, and why does he have a baseball?
- Why did Dogen lie to Sayid about passing the test?
- Why do The Others not want the Lost ka-tet to know about Ajira 316?
- Why is Mr Sunny so trigger happy, and eager to kill Kate & Jin? Perhaps he is just pissed off about what Sawyer did on his way out, 
and no longer cares about The Big Picture? That either makes him a bad Other, or Dogen not a good leader.
- If Claire is now "claimed" and presumably bad, why does she save Jin?
- Whose side is Ben on? He's been calling Mr Smokey for years - but if Mr Smokey is bad, why hasn't it possessed him, and why have 
Dogen and The Others allowed Ben to be pals with Mr Smokey? So I guess the question is, Who is Mr Smokey†really?

We've been led to assume that MIB/Esau/Mr Smokey/FLocke is The Bad Guy, and Jacob is good. But if you really think about it, 
that's an easy choice, and not usually something this show has done. What if that's not the case? What if that's actually reversed, 
or we find out neither is good nor bad, they just have two different agendas. We know MIB wants to "go home." What does that
mean exactly? Jacob has been able to come and go, as has Richard. Was Jacob mortal? We know that Jacob and MIB are OLD. 
We know that Jacob is responsible for Richard's lack of aging. We know that MIB can assume many forms (Locke, Mr Smokey), 
but who was using Christian, Jacob or MIB?†

Of course Jacob & MIB all seems very Biblical - but there are many parallels they could be pulling from: Able & Cain 
(Wandering Jew, Flying Dutchman, Cartaphilus - one dies, the other can't), Jesus & Lucifer (one mortal, then other immortal 
and a shape-shifter), but for now let's stick with the obvious one of Jacob & Esau. In the story, Rebecca's prophecy was that 
they were fighting in her womb and that the elder (Esau) would serve the younger (Jacob.) Jacob is a bit of a liar and a dick, 
buying Esau's birthright for a bowl of stew and deceiving and lying to his own blind father that he was Esau to get Isaac's blessing 
of "the dew of the heavens, the fatness of the earth, and rulership over many nations as well as his own brother." 

When Isaac discovered the deception, and being unable to take back the blessing, he promised Esau, "By your sword you shall live, 
but your brother [Jacob] you shall serve; yet it shall be that when you are aggrieved, you may cast off his yoke from upon your neck." 
Esau vows to kill Jacob as soon as Isaac dies, and Jacob is sent away by Rebecca. Later they reconcile, but according to the Book 
of Jubilees, Jacob kills Esau during a battle where Esau and his sons come after Jacob and his family for their wealth. So if we go 
with this theme, who has been "gathered" for whom? Who is whose army? Which team are each of our Losties playing for? 
And if Jacob is the one that leaves, and then returns home - is he the one "gathering" an army to slay Esau? But why does 
Esau/MIB want to "go home?" And where/what exactly is "home?"

2004 - Atlantis Timeline
What do we know?
- Claire is still pregnant.
- Ethan was never recruited by The Others (because they all got blowed-up in 1977) and never went to The Island.
- 815 doesn't crash so everyone connected to passengers on the plane that would have been effected, aren't. (Claire's mum, etc...)†
- Who Kate killed still hasn't been revealed.†(Even though they let that fly at Comic Con.)
- Los Angeles suddenly looks very lush.

Not enough has played out yet, so I don't have many questions. I just assume everything is different beginning in 1977.

If†the universe is going to make it's "correction", I think that will mean there cannot be two (doppelg‰ngers) of anyone on the mainland. 
(Of course, there are definitely two Spocks now, so what the hell do I know?) One will either die in the course of this season, or never be 
able to leave the island. (well, except for maybe Baby Aaron), unless they're treating these two timelines more like two separate universes, 
than Sliding Doors (or maybe that was two verses as well.. my brain hurts now.)

Of course, the universe is under no obligation to make that "correction", 
but I think it will since they've said that repeatedly, and the timelines will converge.

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