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Tally's Lost Update 

The Lighthouse

Timeline A
Jacob appears to Hurley and tells him to get a pen, and bring Jack - they're going to break out of The Temple. 
In the process, Mr Samurai attempts to stop Hurley but Jacob (who only Hurley can see) tells him to tell Mr Samurai 
that he's a "candidate" and he can do what he wants. This works. Running in to Kate along the way - who is on a mission 
to find Claire, they end up at the Old Magic Lighthouse (that no one has seen up until now) where everyone's names are 
at certain degree bearings - most have been crossed out - and at each of these degrees the mirrors in the tower reflect 
certain locations (not the vast Pacific Ocean you'd think it would if this were "just a damned island.") Jacob tells Hurley 
that "someone's coming to The Island" and to change the Lighthouse's reflection to 108 degrees. As he does this Jack 
sees the names, sees that at 23 degrees is the name SHEPHARD so he yells at Hurley to change it to 23 - it reflects 
Jack's childhood home - where is mother still lives. He gets pissy, demands to see Jacob. Hurley tells him dead people 
do what they want, so Jack smashes the mirrors - no more Magic Lighthouse. At 108 degrees is the name WALLACE crossed out.

Claire has gone completely Rousseau, goes Lizzy Borden on an Other, sews up Jin's leg from being in a bear trap, 
and says if Kate has been raising Aaron for the last three years, she's going to kill her. She has a gun, so Jin plays nice 
a polar bear didn't eat him!!" 

Oh yeah - MIB/FLocke is now Claire's "Friend."   RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!

Atlantis Timeline
Christian Shephard's body is still missing, but they have the funeral anyway. We meet Jack's son David (who has 
extraordinary blue eyes - who is his mother that Jack is divorced from? Juliet?) and find out they have a strained 
relationship. Mom can't find Christian's will, so Jack comes over to help. They find it, and Mom says, "Jack have you 
ever heard of a Claire Littleton?" So Dad was an international womanizer in Atlantis Timeline as well. David goes missing, 
and Jack discovers that he's at an audition for a the Williams Music Academy, so he races and just makes it to hear David's 
amazing performance. Mr Samurai is also there with his son and says to Jack, "Your son has a gift." Jack and David have 
a nice moment that jack and Christian never had. Awe.

Interesting that Jack in Atlantis Timeline had his appendix out when he was "7 or 8 years old" - if they're playing Jack being 
around 40 yrs old in 2004 (Mathew Fox was born in 1966 - going into my theory that they're playing the characters around 
the same age as the actors portraying them), that would mean he "collapsed" at about the same time the bomb was detonated 
in 1977 in Timeline A.

ALSO - KWAN = 42 = The ANSWER to Life, the Universe, and EVERYTHING. (I miss Douglas Adams.)

Thought: The island didn't necessarily sink in 1977 (although I think that's the easiest choice for the sake of the script), 
but could have sunk before or after that. Hopefully we'll find out.

What we do know (so far) is, in Atlantis Timeline the following is true:

The island is underwater, (and could have sunk any time up until Desmond is in a position to board Oceanic 815), 
therefore Desmond isn't in the Swan station to push the button, resulting in Oceanic 815 landing safely in 2004 at LAX. 
The result of that is:

- Rose has cancer because she never made it to the island to heal. (I called this!)
- Charlie is alive because he was never on the island to drown.
- Widmore's freighter never goes to the island (that isn't there) delivering Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, and Frank. Desmond never 
has his time skipping episode talking to Eloise, or calling Penny, or meeting Charlie in London... Daniel AND Locke are never 
on the island to start time skipping when Ben moves the Magic Donkey Wheel that ends up killing Charlotte. Daniel therefore 
never meets his mother in the past, nor finds the nuke and never tells The Others to bury it. (That doesn't mean they didn't, 
in Atlantis Timeline - it just means that Daniel never told them to, therefore it could have sunk the island anytime after (the now 
underwater) Dharmaville was built.) Locke never skips to the past meeting Richard and giving him back his compass that Richard 
had given him in the present when he dug out the bullet out of John's leg during the Time Skipping. So Richard never met Locke, 
and never went to the mainland three times to see if he was "special." 

If the island sunk in 1977 the following is also true:
- Jacob likely never met with any of the "Candidates" on the mainland - because he is either dead - or there is no reason to 
protect the island as it's at the bottom of the sea.
- The numbers weren't broadcasting in 1988 when Rousseau's team heard them causing their shipwreck - they could all be a
live and well. And Leonard (at Santa Rosa Mental Hospital) never heard them either when he was in the Navy, so Hurley 
never developed a fear of them.
- It also likely killed everyone on the island. Meaning Widmore, Eloise, etc..... including Ben unless for some reason he was 
back at Dharma camp in time to get on the evacuating sub.

If the island sunk after 1977: 
- (Perhaps as a result of The Incident making it worse than in Timeline A where they just built the Swan Hatch, there is the 
possibility everyone might have been evacuated off in time and might be still alive if the bomb got buried by someone else, 
and was found, and was detonated on purpose. 

OR - if the island sank before 11977 as a result of Daniel never time skipping and finding the nuke (sort of creating a 2nd time fork perhaps...):
- There is a possibility the island was evacuated before the nuke went off/was detonated and almost everyone who might have been 
killed if the island sunk in 1977, might still be alive. 

The point is, the most casualties come from the sinking of the island at the time of detonation in 1977
- which could be important to who we actually get to see in Atlantis Timeline.

I just realized something!!! 108 degrees in the lighthouse/108 = Wallace/ PUSHING THE BUTTON EVERY 108 MINUTES! 
Not sure if that matters but thought I would point that out. Oh, and don't forget that the numbers added up = 108.

- Who is Wallace? 
- What did Eloise mean when she said to Desmond, "The Island isn't finished with you." ?
- What is up with The Dharma Initiative??? I'd like to know in both timelines - in Timeline A - they were still air-dropping food 
for the Swan hatch until Desmond turned the failsafe key nuking the Swan station, and Locke pressed 77 blowing up the Flame station. 
So, did  they just close up shop on the mainland? And in Atlantis Timeline, do they simply not exist? 

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