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Tax Reform Ideas 


Thatís a chart to think about on Tax Day.
Look at how much more the median family is paying compared to 1955. 

Isnít 1955 smack in the middle of that the fuzzy sort of moral wonderdom 
most conservatives want to get back to?

This is the same bait-and-switch the GOP has been pulling on brainless voters for decades.
They say, "WE need lower taxes" but that means the super-rich pay less while we pay more.

Bush did the same thing, remember?
In 2000, he said, "YOU work hard for YOUR money and we think YOU should keep more of it,"
then he passed tax cuts for the super-rich which means the pie got smaller and now we're bankrupt.

The super-rich have had it so tough these last 40-50 years.

Remember "Tax Man" by The Beatles?

Let me tell you how it will be; 
There's one for you, nineteen for me. 

That's a tax rate of 95% for ths super-rich - maybe that's a little too high.
As the chart shows, under the GOP's Eisenhower, tax rates were 51%.
That's the tax rate that gave the middle class central air conditioning and two cars.

The Jack Kennedy dropped the highest rate to 42%, that helped us put a man on the Moon.

Then Von Reagan got tired of the super-rich not being coddled, so he dropped it tp 36% (guess)
Can we all bow our heads and say a prayer for how rough things are for the super-rich?

Now we're down to 16% and the country is bankrupt - is everybody happy now?

Bottom line: The super-rich are f-ing tired of paying their fair share of taxes and, thru FOX News,
they've convinced every handjob with bad spelling that this "tea party" is about the little people - but it's not.

This is their plan - destroy the government.

You see, the super-rich are the wolves - they don't NEED protection from anyone
so they've labled "big government" as the enemy that needs to be destroyed

Think of a small town in Oklahoma in 1880.
The sheriff is the only government there is.
Once you buy him off, (or kill him) you can rape and rob and kill to your heart's content.

Welcome to the Republican Party's version of America.

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