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Exaggerated Importance
 Teabaggers are what, five percent?


A new poll finds that 31 percent of those surveyed had never even heard of the tea party movement
– and another 30 percent had no opinion of them. The media fascination, trickling down from A1 of the 
New York Times, for instance, to A1 of the Arizona Republic, is prompting a second round of anthropology, 
this time from aggravated political professionals. Murphy, who calls the attention “absolutely ridiculous,” 
sees it of a piece with what has become the biennial compulsion in the political community to hold up a 
newly-discovered, and always pivotal, bloc of voters; Like the Angry White Males, NASCAR Dads, 
Soccer Moms of election cycles past – only on steroids.

“There is this urge to give any political development a catchy name and a picture,” he lamented, adding the
familiar Republican complaint that well-educated, left-leaning, coast-dwelling reporters view middle America 
through an elitist lens. "These young reporters fly to the wilds of Oklahoma or Kentucky, find a bunch of folks
in Uncle Sam suits hollering and come back thinking they've got some hot scoop," Murphy said. The coverage
began, notes Republican consultant Alex Castellanos, with not much more than bemused mockery: 
"'How amusing, the peasants are revolting'". Now it has reached a level of worried fascination. 
Or, as Castellanos put it, 'The peasants actually are revolting!'" 

Teabaggers make for good TV.
You have these costumed clowns, usually just 20-30 people, screaming and waving their misspelled signs,
demanding that something they can't define be returned to them - and they want it right f-ing now.

I mentioned recently that in 2004, there were maybe 200,000 people marching against the war in DC.
The networks mentioned that "thousands" of people showed up - "some pro-war, some against."
They had to hide the truth because they, the whore media, helped Bush sell his bloody Iraq invasion lies.

Also, it helps that the Teabaggers have nobody in charge - no spokesman.
Since nobody is in charge, the networks play up the "common man" them, which is bullshit.

You have one crazy man in charge of the "Oregon Tea Party," but who is he, really?
Some guy with a computer who was interviewed by CNN or FOX?

Here's another guy, claiming to represent "The Texas Tea Patriots."
Do they have an office? Do they have a phone number?

Teabaggers make for good TV.
And yes, they hate the you-know-what in the White House - that will never change.

Perhaps a simpler explanation is they're merely Republicans with bad spelling
and they're too ashamed to say so in public, so they adopted the tea bag nonsense.

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